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3 BioWarriors We Are Thankful for This Flu Season


It’s the most wonderful time of the year again – flu season. No matter how hard you try to avoid it, there is always a chance you could catch a cold this winter. As the temperatures continue to drop, the odds of getting sick begin to rise, and you want to make sure your body is prepared to handle the internal battle ahead.

BioWarriors are no stranger to fighting off foreign invaders and microbes that threaten the health of their host body. Throughout the Biowars saga, these characters work together to protect Alexander Hawking from the internal and external forces against him. However, you have these fighters inside of your body as well. Their job is to know which cells make up your own body, and which ones do not belong there. Then it is their jobs to defend the good cells in order to repel the foreign ones.

So which BioWarriors would you want on your side during the flu or a seasonal virus? Here are our top picks as defenders against Influenza.


When it comes to the flu, your white blood cells are what work hard to internally battle the virus. In Biowars, and in real life, the Macrophages set out to destroy germs immediately. Once they are recognized as foreign cells, the macrophages aggressively fight them off. These are helpful in preventing the flu, or any virus, from spreading too far throughout the body. They are proactive and try to handle the problem before it gets out of hand.

Phagien and Scathe are two Macrophage BioWarriors, with Phagien being the commander of the Macrophage Corps. Together they work with the B-Cells to take on some of the toughest jobs within our bodies during a time of crisis.


B-Cells play a big role in the Biowars saga, and they play just as big of a role in your body when battling a virus! These powerful white blood cells have multiple duties when fighting off a viral infection. They are in charge of creating antibodies, which are proteins that latch onto a virus to prevent the cells from multiplying or spreading. They also collect and retain information about the invading foreign cells once they destroy it in order to prevent the same infection from happening again.

Blastor and Humron are two of our powerful B-Cell BioWarriors who help other white blood cells battle a virus by signaling to them which cells are good, and which ones are bad and need to be destroyed. It is their job to destroy the invading virus, while doing minimal damage to the good cells of their host body in the process.


T-Cells work in tandem with the B-Cells. They are another group of white blood cells that produce antibodies to help fight off the invading virus. However, they also act as guards and protectors that are in charge or sounding the alarm once they detect an invading virus. While they also kill these infected cells, their main job is to alert the other white blood cells.

So while the B-Cells identify which cells are good and which are bad, there would be nothing for them to identify if the T-Cells didn’t alert them. Alpha-1 and Gamma-9 are two of our T-Cell Biowarriors, and while in our saga the B and T Cells can sometimes clash over the best course of action to take when battling an invading virus, it is essential for them to work together in order to truly succeed.

In the Biowars saga, and in the real world, all of these units need to work together to keep their hosts healthy. The BioWarriors must work together to meet the common goal of protecting the world in which they live. However, when they are successful, it is clear that you definitely want them on your side when it comes time to battle the flu or another seasonal cold.

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