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3 Superheroes We Want On The Silver Screen

the question by snareser1

The superhero cinematic universes have grown quite a bit since Superman hit theaters in 1977.  Since the Man of Steel set the stage for the modern cinematic superhero, Marvel has since ramped up just how awesome modern superhero movies can be.  Of course DC has also contributed to the awesome factor of superhero cinema, with The Dark Knight. But this is not a Marvel vs. DC post (as tempting as that debate always is). This is about superheroes, and our top 3 we would like to see on the silver screen.


1. The Sensational She-Hulk

(AKA Jennifer Walters)

She-Hulk is Bruce Banner’s cousin, who happened to get shot by some mobster tough guys, which then required an emergency blood transfusion from the gamma-challenged doctor and his irradiated blood. She is not a full-on victim of gamma radiation poisoning; she has a diminished version of the green rage syndrome for which her cousin is famous.  The character premiered in The Savage She Hulk in 1980, and started with a solo series of comics before eventually joining the Avengers and The Fantastic Four.

At first She Hulk was more like her cousin, the Hulk, except her trigger is fear, not anger.  Eventually Jennifer was able to retain her intelligence, due to a blood cure, and enjoyed the confidence and ability she got as She Hulk.  She also has the unique ability to be aware she is a comic book superhero; she breaks the fourth wall and communicates directly to the audience in asides. Come on Marvel, let’s do this.

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2. Black Lightning

(AKA Jefferson Pierce)

Black Lightning

Black Lightning crashed on the DC scene in 1977 and was the first leading black comic book superhero in the DC canon.  Jefferson Pierce is an Olympic decathlete and father of 2 daughters.  Although the character has gone through a few changes since his inception, this guy has always been hardcore.  The one big difference is he no longer has the 70’s fro.

Black Lightning is referred to as  a “ meta-human”, and his super power allows him to manipulate electric fields in his body.  Jefferson Pierce is a citizen of Metropolis, and at one point in the character’s history he turned down an invitation to the Justice League.  He eventually made his way to becoming the Secretary of Education under President Lex Luthor, until ultimately resigning following the murder of one of his meta-human criminal enemies.  Pretty complex stuff with lots of twists and turns. This guy would be awesome on the big screen.


3. The Question

(AKA Vic Sage)

The Question by Snareser

The Question is born from the Film Noir mysteries of the 20’s, it seems.  By day Vic Sage is an investigative reporter with a longing for philosophical meaning in his life.  By night he places a specially-made expressionless mask over his face to become The Question.  He is a well-trained martial artist and detective, similar to The Dark Knight.

Also like The Dark Knight, Vic Sage has a darker side that is a bit more unhinged than most superheroes.  He was raised in a Catholic orphanage, and not under the best of conditions.  He is used to violence, and wields it freely when pressed.  He represents a strict right and wrong attitude in his moral convictions, and pushed the envelope of investigative reporting to get into the grit and grime of his city to do what is necessary to bring justice to the unjust. Often he is described as a conspiracy theorist, which would open a ton of interesting potential plot-lines to follow.  We certainly want to hear the answers The Question could bring.

This is just a taste of the many superheroes that deserve the Hollywood treatment, and we obviously can’t name them all here. Let us know what you think of our short list. What are some of the gems hiding in your comic book stash that you’d like to see in the movies.


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