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5 Comics That NEED To Be Video Games


The BioWars team is currently  hard at work developing our first mobile game, BioWars: Raze’s Siege. Translating a story from the pages of a comic to the screen of a tablet or television can be grueling, but if done correctl,y gives readers the opportunity to get a closer look into the characters they love. During our brainstorming process, we considered what other comics could work well as a video game. Since the BioWars team is made up of die hard comic book fans, we made a list of comics we’re hoping will get a chance at their own video game in the near future.

Valiant Comic's Harbinger - Comics to Video Games

1.  Harbinger (Action Adventure)

It’s safe to say that if you’re a fan of comics, you’ve most likely have dreamed of developing superpowers of your very own. Valiant’s Harbinger series plays devil’s advocate by giving readers a look into what being a superpowered teen might be like. Following the adventures of Pete Stanchek, a boy with incredible psychic powers, Pete must use his gifts to protect his friends, fight against evil organizations, and discover the origins of his abilities.

As a video game, we see a story like Harbinger working best as an Action Adventure game – Something that may play like a more mature version of Psychonauts. There is just something eternally gratifying about being able to pick up enemies with your mind and fling them down a hallway.

Image Saga Series - Comics to Video Games

2. Saga (Storyteller)

Image’s flagship Saga series attempts to take a more humanistic approach to the Sci-Fi genre. Centered on the inter-species relationship of Alana & Marko, the pair find themselves on the run from an intergalactic war, while trying to keep their newborn child safe from harm.

Although Saga has plenty of action, we’d prefer a Saga video game to play more closely to a story driven adventure – similar to Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us, or Tales from the Borderlands. With such a rich set of characters and deep universe, creating a game with such a strong narrative where the player’s decisions could affect the world around them would be a true treat.

Marvel's The Runaways - Comics to Video Games


3. The Runaways (RPG)

Sometimes, running away from all of your problems may seem like an excellent idea. For the teens of Marvel’s The Runaways, running away from their problems became a question of life and death. After discovering that their parents are actually their city’s most notorious supervillain group, the teens band together and escape from their homes to plot to bring down their families. Outfitted with a witch, an alien, a mutant, a dinosaur, and much more, the teens quickly realize that by relying on each other they are a force to be reckoned with.

With each Runaway character bringing something unique to the table, The Runaways feels like it could be easily adapted into an RPG (Role Playing Game). Aside from each of the character’s special skills and abilities, one of the most gripping aspects of the series is the interactions, and relationships that occur between the members of the team, one of the crowning features of any good RPG.

Webcomic - Agents of the Realm

4. Agents of the Realm (Mobile App)

Relatively new to the digital comic book scene, Agents of the Realm is a popular webcomic that stars a group of 5 college-aged girls, that are gifted with supernatural powers. Similar to a supergroup of astrological proportions, the girls must team up to defend their world from an otherworldly force bent on destroying the Earth as they know it.

With Agent of the Realm’s east “pick up and read” nature, a mobile gaming app feels like the most appropriate channel for the series. Giving readers the ability to jump in as their favorite character, fight against villains, and save the day on their commute to work seems like an easy sell.

The Walking Dead - Comic Books To Video Games


5. The Walking Dead (MMORPG)

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last several years, you might have missed the phenomenon that is The Walking Dead. For those of you who haven’t been following, Image’s The Walking Dead follows a ragtag group of survivors of a zombie apocalypse. The wildly successful comic has spawned a television series on AMC, board games, merchandise, and several video games. While we are big fans of the majority of the games, we have always walked away from The Walking Dead wanting something more.

If you ask any fans of the series, they’ll tell you that The Walking Dead isn’t necessarily about fighting against zombies, but the nature of humanity in the wake of tragedy. With groups being so vital to surviving in a world littered with the undead, it seems like the perfect setting for an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). Teaming up with online friends seems like the perfect way to survive the zombie threat, and might even teach you one or two things for when the zombie apocalypse actually occurs.


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