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5 Heroes We Wish Made It into Avengers: Age of Ultron


If you’ve seen Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron yet, you’ll know that the Avenger’s team roster is quickly becoming jam-packed with some of the most incredible names in the Marvel Universe. While the new movie boasts some powerful new additions (Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Vision just to name a few) we still wonder if some of our lesser known heroes will ever make it onto the big screen of an Avengers movie. Below, we’ve called out a list of the top 5 lesser known Avengers we hope will get their well-deserved time on screen.


  1. Storm

A mutant born with power to manipulate the weather at her will, Storm’s experience is as varied as the weather she controls. From pickpocket, to X-Man, to Queen of Wakanda, Storm made a brief appearance on the roster of the Avengers in 2011. During Marvel’s Avengers vs. X-Men event, Storm left the Avengers to join ranks with the X-Men, only to rejoin the Avengers several issues later.  While we may have ways to go before we ever seeing Storm make fight alongside Captain America and the rest of the team, watching Storm rain on down on the Avenger’s enemies is something we have our fingers crossed for.

  1. Iron Fist

Following suit with Daredevil’s recent Netflix series, Marvel’s martial artist will be getting his own digital series in 2015. Best known for being a member to some of Marvel’s other teams (Defenders, and Heroes for Hire), Iron Fist first joined the New Avengers in after the events of Marvel Civil War. While Iron Fist has never been a member of the Avengers themselves, he has used his martial arts, and chi-based abilities to support the team countless times. Maybe a little kung-fu action is just what the next Avengers needs.

  1. Spider-Man

After being been bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker went from a mild-mannered teenager, to a web-swinging superhero. As one of the most acclaimed heroes of any superhero universe in existence, it was only a matter of time before he received a personalized invitation to join the Avengers. Becoming a member of the New Avengers, Peter was able to take him crime fighting career outside the streets of New York, and fight with a team on a much higher scale. Seeing Spidey fight on the big screen with the Avengers might be a lot closer than we thought based on an article by the Rolling Stone last February. We just wonder if Spider-Man and Black Widow might get into a web of romance.

  1. Namor

While he hasn’t always fought on the side of justice, Namor, the reigning king of Atlantis, is one of the toughest superhumans in the entire Marvel U. Genetically, Namor is a mix of human and Atlantean DNA, making him largely considered the world’s first mutant. Granted superhuman strength and reflexes, Namor joined the Avengers in in the early 70s after he his throne was taken from him. While he has been a consistent point of turmoil, having Namor on the Avengers side give even the most maniacal of mechanical marvels to run in terror.

  1. Wolverine

Over the last few years, there have been more Wolverine movies then the general public could keep up with. Unfortunately, these movies primarily focused on Wolverine’s past, and completely disregarded any of this current exploits. After being one of the X-Men’s hardest hitters for years, Wolverine was finally inducted into the Avengers in 2005 after the House of M event. While comic book Wolverine might not mind working in teams, Wolverine’s movie persona isn’t so keen on the idea. Either way, we’re the day will come where we will be see a movie where the mutant make his move onto the team.


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