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Alexander Hawking: A Bio-Profile

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For our veteran BioWarriors, you already know exactly who Alexander Hawking is. But for those of you who may be new to the world of Biowars, we want to take a deeper look at our central character – who we quickly realize after meeting him in Issue #1, is a simple guy who has been thrown into a not-so-simple situation.

Alex Hawking

The Hawkings

From the very beginning, Alex is thrust into a challenging ordeal that he was definitely not prepared for. Alex is just an average guy. He attends college in New York City, but spends most of his time hanging out than actually studying. He does not exactly excel academically, and has led a fairly unassuming life up until this point. The only confrontations he has ever faced are the regular disagreements with his own father, Marcus Hawking, who’s strained relationship with Alex gets put under a microscope from the very beginning of the Biowars saga.

Marcus Hawking is a renowned microbiologist who has spent his whole life cultivating a notable career for himself, and becoming a leader in his field of study. After years of trying to get Alex to live up to his full potential, Marcus inadvertently sets off Alex’s journey through the BioCosmos.

Alex’s Mission

After getting targeted by a secret group, and then intentionally infected by a lethal microbe they created, Marcus Hawking accidentally passes the microbe along to Alex. This genetically-manufactured “Z-Kron Microbe” was created by The Combine – an organization who’s mission is to not only take Marcus’ life, but to eradicate today’s society of the weaknesses that are holding it back from true progress.

After catching the infection from his father, Alex’s body is forced to take part in a desperate fight for his own life, while Alex himself has to battle to defend all of humanity. He now not only faces a war against the infectious disease, but against The Combine and their entire operation as well.


The Battle Begins

From a just an average college student, to an individual who now faces two life-threatening battles, Alex’s journey truly begins. He needs his body and his mind to work together in order to protect him from the internal and external forces against him.

Inside of his body, BioWarriors have to work together in order to battle the invading microbe that has infected him. Alex’s body is showing strong symptoms of the infection right from the very beginning of his story. The disease can hold him back from successfully battling the other forces against him that he is simultaneously fending off.

In the real world, Alex is going up against The Combine in the hopes to expose their plan just like he promised his father he would right before he died. Hawking is just an ordinary kid who is now expected to expose a very powerful organization. These two fights shape Alex’s journey throughout the rest of the Biowars saga, and will determine his destiny.

What’s Next for Alex?

After spending years avoiding responsibility and rejecting the life his father wanted him to lead, Alex is now forced to do exactly what The Combine wants – evolve or perish. He needs to fend off the Z-Kron Virus, while fending off and exposing the organization itself – all at the same time. The only way to find out if he succeeds, is to follow along with us, and begin the Biowars comics. So become a BioWarrior and join the battle today!


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