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The Battle is On: Batman v. Daredevil

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We’ve seen growing buzz around our proposed battles on our Facebook page , and decided to bring together the ultimate battle between two similar characters, Batman and Daredevil. Both superheroes are humans, and successful ones at that, Bruce Wayne (Batman) being an American billionaire, and Matthew Michael Murdock (Daredevil) a successful lawyer and graduate of Columbia University in New York City. Let’s review the capabilities of each character, and we’ll let you decide who you think would be the last man standing in a battle!



Appearing in DC Comics, Batman has also been known as “The Bat-Man”, “The Caped Crusader”, and “The Dark Knight”, to name a few. With a secret identify of a human, Bruce Wayne, Batman seeks justice and fights crime on criminals, but has no actual superpowers.

His war on crime is fueled by his past, as he witnessed his parents’ murder in Gotham City as a child, and made it his life missions to fight crime from that moment on. With financial resources to provide him with high-tech gadgets, genius intellect, and an impeccable physical condition, he is a great contender in a battle. Batman is proof that you do not have to have superpowers to be a superhero and join the war on crime.

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A Marvel  comic character, Daredevil is the identity of Matthew Michael Murdock, a born and raised New Yorker. Abandoned by his mother, he was raised by his father, who was later murdered. Adamant at seeking justice through the law, Murdock sought out a career in law at Columbia University right in the city.

While saving a person from an accident, he was exposed to radioactive cargo, and suffered blindness as a result. This tragedy left him without sight, but his other senses began to heighten. He took up fighting, and as his skill set improved, Murdock served as a lawyer fighting the law under his real name, and fought deeper evils as Daredevil.

Both Batman and Daredevil are human superheroes with backgrounds of loss and devastation, and are seeking justice for what is right in society. If you had to choose, who do YOU think would win in a battle, Batman or Daredevil?



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