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Biowars 2.0: The Sneak Peek!

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With proper nutrients and a conducive environment, cells within the body can mutate into better versions of themselves. We’re excited to announce that Biowars is similarly revamping itself with the upcoming launch of our new website! The site will be a new and improved home for all things Biowars, and is set to launch along with the complete first issue of the series.


New features include a sleek design and interactive interface through which to experience with the visually arresting work of Biowars. Along with access to released issues, users will be able to read character histories of the Biowarriors, explore the universe or “systems” in which Biowars exists, and learn about the behind-the-scenes creative process. Additionally, artists can submit artwork for the Biowars curated art showcase!


The timer is officially counting down! In the meantime, sign up for a preview of the first issue of Biowars here. Stay tuned for the official launch of Biowars 2.0!


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