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Biowars Hits Gotham City for Free Comic Book Day!

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Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday and for the first time EVER, Biowars is creeping out from the online world and into select Gotham City comic book shops!

Did someone ask “What’s Free Comic Book Day?” Our response is “Um, what’s wrong with you” and “The best day EVER!” FCBD is all about a love for comics. It’s a pilgrimage by fans to comic book shops in search of free issues, all kinds of SWAG, and in-store appearances by industry greats. (As Gail Simone pointed out earlier on Facebook, it’s also nice to actually buy something in the stores, too!)

The best part is there’s absolutely no exclusivity involved. All are welcome, from small indie comic creators to big-time publishers to everything in between. It’s all about appreciating the art form, the entertainment and the legacy of comics. What’s not to love?

Here’s a few places to find limited-edition Biowars SWAG (sorry, New York only!):

1) JHU Comics

32 East 32nd Street
Btwn. Madison and Park Avenue
New York, NY

The re-opening of Jim Hanley’s Universe, JHU Comics is hosting Dan Slott, Marvel’s acclaimed Spider-Man writer AND some sweet Biowars stickers and postcards!

2) Roger’s Time Machine

207 West 14th Street, Suite # 2
Chelsea, NYC

An old-school style shop that’s been around for over 15 years, Time Machine is cherished as an homage to classic, low-key type of comic book shop where true fans meet.

3) Forbidden Planet

832 Broadway
nr. Union Square, NYC

The New York branch of the world’s largest comic book, science fiction and fantasy retailer.


For more NYC locations, follow us on Twitter and Facebook as we head into the weekend!


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