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Biowars Launches Digital Comic Book Series

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Following the launch of the new Biowars website, the very first issue of the digital comic book series has launched. Biowars begins within one man’s body, and the virality of the condition could affect all those on earth. Continue reading for a taste of Issue #1:

“Each human body is a living Biocosmic Universe unto itself, where pulsating corridors and a living, breathing terrain play host to trillions of cells, and many foreign life forms. And right now, in one man’s body, a conflict is unfolding that may affect every person on earth. The Biowars have begun, and the chase is on…

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Nestled between the twin hemispheres of the brain lies nature’s greatest mystery—The Thalamic Chamber. It is a place of hope and despair, of courage and fear, of impulse and control. It is, in short, the mind of a single human being. The eight mystic beings who call it their home are known as The Council of the Mind.

Levitating under a crackling ball of subconscious thought, they absorb its constant stream of information. The circuit is continuous, unwavering…and at the moment, turbulent.

Crisis grips the cosmos. A new threat has entered our world…

… a pathogen from beyond. Unleash the immune defenses. Contain the infectious zone. ELIMINATE ALL THREATS!

With that order, messenger nerve cells race through a vast network that extends through the farthest reaches of the cosmos—The nervous system.  Utilizing this information superhighway, the council coordinates the body’s every action—from breathing, to moving, to defending itself from invasive forces.

Sensurian  is but one of a legion of messenger cells. In her lifetime, she’s relayed countless messages to and from the council. Messages of pleasure, pain, and everything in between. She believed she had seen everything.

She was wrong.”  Issue #1 continues to introduce readers to the world of Biowars and the battle against the threat in their world. Want to find out what happens? Read on, here.


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