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Biowars Releases Digital Comic Issue #2

Biowars issue 2

We have released Issue #2 of our digital comic book , Revelations, taking place in New York’s very own Chinatown. Alex Hawking is realizing that he is fighting something within his body, and his determination and will to overcome this pathogen aids the Biowarriors within to battle this invasion causing his sickness.

For a preview of issue #2 and Alex’s revelation, read on for a glimpse into the world of Biowars-

issue 2 2


Each Biowarrior plays a different role.


B-Cells like Humron engage in battle—Releasing a fusillade of antibody darts at their enemies.


Humron: “Let ‘em have it boys—the uglier they are, the harder they fall!”


Sutura and her Fibroblasts weave healing webs over damaged tissue and shredded armor.


Sutura: “Easy, friend. I’ll have you back in the action soon enough”.


Macrophages like Scathe wreak havoc as only they can—pulling bacteria into their gaping abdomens, where acidic enzymes catalyze their remains into energy.


“Keep coming parasites—I’ve almost worked up a sweat.”


“I want a 360-degree sweep! We need to-“


“DIE! Was THAT what you were going to say?”


“Primitive fools! Look upon the FUTURE of this universe!”


Blastor: “The only future YOU have, creature, is to serve as a NOURISHMENT after you’ve been destroyed!”


What will come of this battle inside Alex’s body at the end of this month’s issue of Biowars, will the Biowarriors pull through for him or will the dangerous pathogens take over? Will the Macrophages be successful in wreaking havoc inside of the Biocosmo? Find out, here.





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