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Clash of the Titans: Superman vs. Hulk

Superman vs Hulk

A hero that needs no introduction faces off against one that hates being introduced to anyone as Superman confronts the Incredible Hulk. Two titanic forces clash in a battle of pure might. This is the fight you’ve all been waiting for! Which character is truly the strongest one there is?


In perhaps the most famous superhero origin story of all, an infant Kal-El is sent to Earth by his parents to escape the destruction of their home planet, Krypton. Upon landing in Smallville, Kansas, Kal-El is raised by a kindly couple as Clark Kent. The Kents instilled in him the values of truth, justice, and the American Way, which he would take to heart in his career as the DC Universe’s greatest hero, Superman.

The Man of Steel has previously faced a hulking monster of near-limitless power and prevailed, although it nearly killed him. In the Death of Superman storyline, Superman contended with the most physically powerful foe he ever faced. In a battle that raged from one end of Metropolis to the other, the Last Son of Krypton traded blows with the terrifying brute known as Doomsday, with the fight seemingly ending with the deaths of both combatants. Of course, in comics, no one stays dead for too long. Unsurprisingly, Superman and Doomsday survived their initial encounter and would have several rematches over the years, with Superman thwarting Doomsday time and time again.


At the test site for a new weapon of his invention called the gamma bomb, Dr. Robert Bruce Banner noticed a teenager had driven onto the field with the bomb’s detonation moments away. Banner managed to save the youth just in time, but was unable to escape the gamma bomb’s might himself. Bombarded with gamma radiation, a new alter ego was created for Banner: the Hulk. With strength as infinite as his anger, the Hulk battles bothersome heroes almost as often as villains out of his powerful desire to simply be left alone.

Not to be outdone, Hulk has defeated a godlike multi-powered superhero wearing an ‘S’ on his costume. During the events of World War Hulk, an enraged Jade Giant returns from his Illuminati-imposed exile to seek vengeance for the woes he was made to endure on the planet Sakaar. The Hulk and his alien allies defeated the Illuminati, several teams of Avengers, and dozens of other heroes with little trouble. The Hulk’s biggest challenge arrived in the form of the Sentry, a nigh-invulnerable schizophrenic superhero. The two expended massive amounts of energy before reverting to their more mortal forms, and Banner himself beat Bob Reynolds.

Can the Justice League founder take on a charter member of the Avengers? Will the Green Goliath prove to be kryptonite made flesh? Vote in our poll below to decide the outcome of this monumental battle!

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Vance Wimbley

The Hulk is the truth,hands down.


    No way hulk wins this, you can only get so angry.


The hulk actually learns to control his form in the series so he can stay in the hulk form as much as he needs to. and if ur fighting him it only pisses him off more making him more powerful . Read up on your comics jay before you comment. And lets not forget SM not only dies but looses in a war with the human race xD