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Deadly Pursuit: Predator vs. Scathe

scathe v predator

A technologically advanced foe seeks to overtake nature’s most ferocious warriors as the Predator takes on Scathe. Always on the hunt for evermore challenging enemies, the Predator has perhaps found the most dangerous game. His quarry can be found in the BioCosmos, where the Macrophage warrior Scathe is prepared to destroy all intruders with extreme prejudice.


Hailing from a cutting-edge race from across the stars, the Predator is armed with an array of hi-tech tools of combat. On the offensive side, the Predator’s most well-known weapon is the shoulder-mounted plasma cannon, capable of incinerating even the most durable of foes.  Predators also possess a slew of bladed weaponry comprised of a unique extraterrestrial alloy, including spears, glaives, and wrist-mounted claws. The Predator is also equipped with several pieces of tactical gear as well, such as active camouflage and a HUD with dozens of features including thermal tracking.

In the film Alien vs. Predator, it is revealed that Predators have been visiting Earth for millennia to participate in a horrific tradition in which they sacrifice humans to an Alien queen in order to create a horde of vicious otherworldly prey. While the Predator hunting party was able to brutally kill almost all they opposed, a human aided in the final defeat of the Aliens, and was honored by the Predator force with the gift of a spear.

The fiercest member of the Macrophage Corps, Scathe is a master of pathogen slaughter. No microbe is safe from this berserk warrior who acidifies first and asks questions never. In addition to the energy producing acid-filled cavity in his abdomen, Scathe also possesses the abilities to sense chemicals, to fire heat blasts from his hands and to sprout prehensile tentacles from any part of his body.


As part of an ambush planned by the B-Cell Commander Blastor, Scathe and his Macrophage comrades lied in wait for the opportune moment to strike at the bacterial forces of Raze. When the signal was given, Scathe descended upon the pathogens like a force of pure vengeance.  However, just as the battle seemed to be nearing a BioWarrior victory, Raze’s Z-Kron soldiers revealed their true nature. They were not just simple bacteria; each member of Raze’s army was a Trojan Horse filled with a deadly virus, ready to infect even the hardiest of BioWarriors. While Scathe may give the BioWarriors the edge they need to win this battle, he might not be enough to win them the war.

Who will win in a battle of hunter vs. hunted? Will the interstellar pursuer add another trophy to his collection, or will the maniacal Macrophage score a win for the home team? Comment below or on our Facebook page with YOUR vote for the victor!



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