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How Digital Comics Went Mainstream Overnight


At least, we hope they will be soon. A group of computer geeks paved the way this week with a digital comic book strip they built with Twitter’s new video app, Vine:

Digital Comic Book Created with Vine


What is This Thing Called “Vine”?

Now more than ever before, creating and posting all forms of content online is NBD. Any Tom, Dick and Harry can become a “writer” instantly thanks to blogging platforms like WordPress and Tumblr. (Writer meekly points thumbs at self.) Your teenage sister has overnight transformed into a fashion photographer with a penchant for mood lighting, thanks to Instagram.

Vine lets you share 6-second video clips on Twitter. It was launched in January and has totally blown up in a short period of time. Over 100,000 “Vines” posted during the weekend of the Grammy’s, lamestorm Nemo and NY Fashion Week alone. The keys to its success? It’s free – and easy to use.

For an indie comic writer or artist looking to make it big, Vine has the potential to be used as a powerful marketing tool.

So what do you think? Could Vine become a launchpad for wannabe comics to get their stuff seen by the masses? What kinds of digital comic books can you create with Vine? We’d love to see!


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