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Is Bringing Bryan Singer Back to X-Men a Super Idea?

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By Scott Humphrey

Ok, let’s not get off on the wrong foot here; actually, that’s probably going to happen one way or another anyway, so maybe just hear me out here.  I was a fan of the first 2 X Men movies directed by Bryan Singer, but his off-putting attempts with Superman Returns and Valkyrie after that initial success in the world of comic book characters was enough for many to question his return to the franchise.

Let’s give him credit for helping to create and establish the on screen universe that is now the X Men cinema franchise.  He did make that world happen on film, and gave us the images and internal emotional conflicts that are part of the X Men cannon from here on out; so we have to respect that; or not.

Granted, Superman is a difficult character to bring to the big screen.  Having said that, Bryan Singer didn’t try to do anything new with the franchise, and that is where many fans think he failed.  That’s not to say that there are some who think the movie is good.  Many fans are nostalgic for the Christopher Reeve films, and that storyline was supposed to carry over into Superman returns, but it was not done in a way that many think did not do it any justice.

Arguably Singer has some great movies under his belt, so it will be interesting to see what he makes of this next chapter in the X Men cannon.  He has been recently quoted as saying he wants to inject humor into this latest film.  He feels that the X Men stories and themes are serious, but the films don’t need to be.  We’re not sure that sounds like a good idea, at least when he says it like that.  I mean some humor might be warranted, but the tone of the X Men storylines is what attracts the fans.

It will at least be interesting to see how he incorporates all the events of the last 3 films, because he has said there are things about X Men (3) The Last Stand he didn’t like.  The new film, X Men Days of Futures Past, will be skipping around the timeline as the title suggests, and he has said he will be “fixing” some elements of the previous film’s narratives.  While it’s pretty unclear what that means, it doesn’t sound appealing as of yet.

The tone and style will be a big part of whether or not this film works and is successful.  We wouldn’t mind seeing some hard-nosed, gritty action, with some of our favorite superheroes struggling with the intense emotional and physical conflicts that add deeper layers to the story; which ultimately make the X Men so powerful in terms of story.

Wolverine is a great example of that; his arc in the first 3 X Men films was intense, confusing, and filled with his signature rage.  According to the Huffington Post Hugh Jackman will return as the future and past versions of the Wolverine in this upcoming film, and will have a significant role.  Now that we can all thank him for.  The separate but equally anticipated The Wolverine will be in theaters in the near future as well, and that promises to be an incredible storyline for this character.

The cast in X Men Days of Futures Past is extensive, from Ian McKellen to Michael Fassbender, and some new additions like Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones; the entire list is impressive.  Bryan Singer has proven that he knows how to work with supremely talented actors, so if nothing else the performances captured should be exciting.

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