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Microscopic Melee: Blastor vs. Ant-Man

Blastor vs Ant Man cover

We’ve featured several brawls between some of the most popular Marvel and DC heroes and villains, but now it’s time to throw our own hat into the ring. Using his astonishing size-shifting abilities, Ant-Man has reduced himself to microscopic size and entered the body of Alexander Hawking. Blastor, Commander of the B-Cell forces of Alex’s immune system, has been alerted to this incursion and races through the inner workings of Alex’s body to confront a strange new invader from The Beyond.


Hank Pym’s first foray into the superhero scene came shortly after he discovered Pym Particles, which granted him the power to alter the size of himself and other objects. He also developed a helmet that allowed him to communicate with and control insects, most commonly ants. A founding member of The Avengers and one of the most brilliant minds in the Marvel Universe, Hank Pym is not only the first, but also the greatest hero to fight crime as Ant-Man.

In addition to his advances in physics and biology, Hank Pym is also famous (or more accurately, infamous) for his work in the field of artificial intelligence. When Pym created the android known as Ultron, he unknowingly birthed one of the most dangerous foes the Avengers have ever faced. Despite the near-indestructibility of his robotic scion, Ant-Man and the Avengers have managed to defeat Ultron time and time again.


Blastor has spent his entire existence in a constant state of battle in protection of the BioCosmos. As a B-Cell, when Blastor engages in combat he can encase himself in a durable cytoskeletal armor, and can additionally generate antibody cannons on his forearms. Furthermore, Blastor possesses the ability to spawn up to seven impermanent clones of himself to aid in the Biowars. Respected by his fellow BioWarriors and feared by foreign microbes of all types, Blastor remains the paragon of immune defense.

Recently, Blastor has encountered the most significant threat the BioWarriors have ever witnessed: the Z-Kron microbe. Designed by the secretive Combine as an assassination weapon, Z-Kron is a deadly amalgamation of virus and bacteria engineered to be as stealthy as it is deadly. In order to preserve the life of the BioCosmos and the life of Alex Hawking himself, Blastor must lead the BioWarriors against the infectious hordes of the bacterial commander Raze as well as those of Viron, leader of the viral army.

Which infinitesimal hero will win the day? Intelligence vs. cunning! Ants vs. clones! The fight of the century is about to take place on the smallest scale imaginable, and you can comment below now to decide the winner!



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