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Penultimate Issue in Biowars Series Begins Final Battle Between Good and Evil

Biowars Twelfth Issue

Biowars, the free online digital comic dramatizing the warfare between the cells of our immune system and invading microbes, today announced the release of “Cosmic Will,” its twelfth issue of the series. The issue can be accessed at and is available to read online as well as for free download.

“Issue twelve of Biowars has much stronger elements not seen in other issues of the comic,” says series creator Gabriel Shaoolian. “Because it is the second to last in the entire Biowars series, we included much more suspense, romance, and action within its pages to really set up the final installment to be truly impactful. Readers will undoubtedly be on the edges of their seats with ‘Cosmic Will’.”

Biowars tells the story of BioWarriors, cells of the human immune and nervous systems which are given humanoid forms but retain their real-life biological powers, and the human realm they inhabit, called the BioCosmos. BioWarriors are the heroes and protectors of their realm, and it’s their job to protect BioCosmos from invading alien microbes (viruses and bacteria) as well as deadly mutant cells gone awry in the battle for life.

Issue twelve takes place inside the lungs, where macrophage BioWarrior Scathe is confronted by the deadly bacterium Raze, a dire threat to the BioCosmos. In the outside world, The Major, one of the deadliest operatives of The Combine, is forced to take the life of someone close to her, leading up to a confrontation with Alexander Hawking, the only person standing in the way of The Combine’s plan to eradicate the weak and rebuild humanity. See the full story at

About Biowars

As a former pre-med student at New York University, Gabriel Shaoolian was fascinated by the ways cells communicate with each other. He created Biowars to share his passion for immunology and open the imagination of millions of readers through the comic series. Biowars first launched in November 2013, and has since grown into a brand that includes mobile game apps, an interactive digital online website, and a fan base in the hundreds of thousands. The creative team behind Biowars includes Mark Powers, former writer at Marvel Comics, and illustrators Goncalo Lopes, Joana Lafuentes, Lucius Cross and Miguel Mendonça.


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