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Star-Crossed Struggle: Joker vs. Star-Lord

Joker vs Star Lord


Our character of the month, Joker, is ready for his sophomore scuffle after YOU voted him the victor in his battle with Green Goblin. To read more about that match-up, and about Joker’s history, check out this link. This week, Joker will be challenged by Star-Lord, the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy.


Peter Quill is the son of the Spartoi Emperor J’Son and a human woman. J’Son left Earth before Peter was born, leaving Peter’s mother to raise him alone. However, while Peter was still young, a pair of aliens attempted to kill him and his mother in an effort to end the Spartoi bloodline. While the marauders did succeed in ending his mother’s life, Peter managed to kill them with a shotgun. Years later, Peter became a NASA astronaut and while on a space station, the Master of the Sun offered the mantle of Star-Lord to one of Peter’s comrades, even though Peter had immediately volunteered. He was able to win out in the end, and took on the role of policing the galaxy as Star-Lord with his unique Element Gun.

After the events of “Annihilation: Conquest,” Star-Lord formed the Guardians of the Galaxy in an effort to stymie the unraveling of space-time. Unfortunately, a continued series of major galactic conflicts caused the barriers between realities to corrode further, and a rift opened in space that led to a dimension known as the Cancerverse. During the “Thanos Imperative” event, Star-Lord was forced to enlist the aid of the Thanos, the Avatar of Death, in order to combat the beings from the Cancerverse, a universe where death no longer exists. The Guardians and Thanos manage to defeat the Cancerverse forces by summoning the personification of Death, who killed the inhabitants of the Cancerverse.

Will the Clown Prince of Crime prevail a second time, or will universe-saving Star-Lord win out in the end? YOU can vote below to decide!

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