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Super Speed Showdown: Sensurian and Quicksilver vs. Reverse-Flash and Carcin

Sensurian and Quicksilver vs

When villains decide to pool their resources for nefarious purposes, heroes must join forces as well to stop their nemeses before it’s too late. In this case, the villains are the deadly Omni Cell Carcin and the unstable Reverse-Flash, and they must contend with their counterpart heroes Sensurian and Quicksilver. Who will emerge victorious in a fight too fast to be seen by the naked eye?

Sensurian is a Messenger Cell BioWarrior responsible for relaying strategic information from the Council of the Mind to the BioWarriors throughout the Biocosmos. While traveling throughout the Biocosmos, she moves at the speed of thought, and relishes her ability to see her universe in the blink of an eye. In addition to her blinding speed, Sensurian can also discharge blasts of bioelectricity to defend herself.

As the son of Magneto and brother of Scarlet Witch, it’s no surprise that Quicksilver is a mutant, the next step in human evolution. His gift is the power to run at speeds exceeding Mach 4, as well as heightened perception. Originally, he used his gifts to aid the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, but later reformed (for the most part) as a member of superhero teams including the Avengers and X-Factor.

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As Carcin proves, mutation is also possible in the world of Biowars. The Messenger Cell Nero, a compatriot of Sensurian, was infected by a bio-engineered virus while simultaneously being bombarded with X-Rays. This cataclysmic combination caused him to mutate into a cancerous Omni Cell, possessing all of the BioWarriors’ abilities (including Sensurian’s super speed) as well as the power to enslave other cells as zombie-like drones.

This arch-villain of the Flash, also known as Professor Zoom, originally hails from the 25th Century. In his own time, he became obsessed with the Speed Force (the source of the Flash’s powers) and sought to recreate the experiment that birthed the Scarlet Speedster. Eventually he succeeded, endowing himself with the ability to run at speeds in excess of 7.5 million miles per hour.

Which team of rapid runners will prevail, the heroic pairing of Sensurian and Quicksilver, or the dastardly duo of Carcin and Reverse-Flash? YOU can vote below now to decide!

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