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6 Classic Comic Book Romances (and Fan Art)

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No point in denying it: Valentine’s Day is upon us. This is one of those times of the year that we truly throw ourselves into the comicsverse, relishing the love stories of superheroes and heroines, which are infinitely more thrilling than our own.

A few classic pairings of comic book characters have survived enough to warrant reams of fan art created in their honor. Here’s our top 6 picks of the most timeless romances:


6. Jean Grey & Wolverine

You could cut the tension between these two with a retractable adamantium claw. Sometimes they’re just friends, sometimes more, but we’re kind of always into it. There have actually been blogs dedicated to dissecting this “good on paper” relationship.

Wolverine and Jean Gray
Fan Art: Troianocomics via DeviantArt


5. Barbara Gordon & Dick Grayson

Aww – sidekick love! Enjoy this ridiculous K$sha mashup featuring the young lovebirds:



4. Scarlet Witch & The Vision

Lots of drama and history here. But what do you expect from the union between a cosmic mutant and a time-traveling android?

Scarlet Witch and Vision
Fan Art: deanhsieh via DeviantArt


3. Selena Kyle & Bruce Wayne

Even if they never really “official” – the connection and attraction between Batman and Catwoman is legendary.

batman and catwoman
Fan Art: CassandraJames via DeviantArt


2. Mary Jane Watson & Peter Parker

Spider-Man really did “hit the jackpot” when he met Mary Jane, and they continue to be one of the greatest comic book love stories of all time.

Mary Jane and Spider-Man
Fan Art: DarroldHansen via DeviantArt


1. Lois Lane and Clark Kent

Who else would be #1 on a “Classic Comic Book Romances” list? This relationship has acquired cult status over the years. Want proof? Check out fyeahsupermanandloislane – a tumblr devoted entirely to the romance of Superman and his gal Lois.

Superman and Lois
Fan Art: JPRart via DeviantArt


Want a longer look at comic book romance? Enjoy these roundups culled from around the interwebs:

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You know, Biowars has a couple of steamy romances as well…microorganisms have feelings too, you know. Learn more about the story and check out a comic in the making in Behind the Scenes!


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