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Microbiology-Inspired Artwork


The constant struggle for life inside each and every one of us is stranger than fiction. Stuff you can’t make up if you tried. Foreign invaders, advanced defense tactics, armies of clones…It’s all right inside of us, yet doesn’t get the same attention as other wars that are in some ways, less violent and deadly. Biowars tells the original story of good versus evil.

When designing a comic book featuring organic forces, the inspiration is endless…even if it’s on a microscopic level. We found some like-minded artists on DeviantArt who felt the same way. Check out these artistic interpretations of viruses, cells and other biological organisms:

Biology is Beautiful 

This one isn’t even technically artwork – it’s actual slides from someone’s biology class!

Biology Slides



Biology Cell Cake 

We hope the creative genius that made cellular organelles look appetizing got some kind of prize. The endoplasmic reticulum looks mmm delish!

Biology Cell Cake


TeeToo the Bacteriophage

This amigurumi bacterium looks deceptively cuddly. Yet he’s more impressive in terms of scientific accuracy. The artist paid attention to details such as an “icosahedral head”.

Yarn Bacteriophage Toy


Viron the Virus

Viruses are masters of infiltration, like mini-Trojan horses. Our Biowars villain is kind of beautiful, until you get to know him.

Viron the Virus


Paramecium and Amoeba Magnets 

Not as threatening as the others on this list, these guys are just single-cell organisms minding their own business.

Paramecium and Amoeba Magnets


Oragami Bacteriophage

Yet another beautiful interpretation of otherwise nasty creatures.

Origami Bacteriophage


T-4 Enterobacteria Phage

A prototype sketch of the much-studied bacteriophage T4 virus. Has a Da Vinci-like quality, doesn’t it?



Mutation with Carcinogen 

This acrylic on paper piece has a dreamy feel to it.

Mutation with Carcinogen Acrylic on Paper


Surreal Biology 

An intricate, pop-inspired take on what our bodies are made up of.

Surreal Biology


Breaking into the digital comic book world is no walk in the park. You gotta offer something different. Something game-changing. And it’s got to have the perfect balance of killer writing and jaw-dropping artwork. This is the recipe for comic book success, and it’s one that Biowars follows like a religion.

Watch “TeamBiowars” on DeviantArt for our latest creations. You can also read up on the science behind it all in our Field Guide.



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