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The entirety of an organism’s inherited traits, which has been sculpted and refined by thousands of years of evolution. The Combine’s knowledge of the human genome, and that of countless viruses and bacteria, allow them to engineer the Z-Kron Microbe.

Immune System

The complex, highly evolved defense forces of the BioCosmos. Spearheaded by T-Cells who utilize intelligence communicated to them by the Council of the Mind, B-Cells, Macrophages, Natural Killer Cells and others are deployed against the myriad invaders who seek to consume, corrupt and conquer the BioCosmos.


An invasion of the BioCosmos by pathogenic organisms that results in the corruption or destruction of the living terrain. If left unchecked, an infection can spread throughout the BioCosmos, even to BioWarriors themselves. These incursions can be bacterial, viral, fungal, or even larger creatures, and can enter the body either through a lesion in the skin barrier or through an opening.


The study of microscopic life forms such as cells, viruses and bacteria. Marcus Hawking is an accomplished microbiologist.

Neural Receiver

A highly advanced, tiny mechanism attached to the base of the spine of The Combine agents that enables commanding officers to transmit signals directly to their nervous systems.


A life form, a living creature that can replicate. Organisms may be nomadic like bacteria, or may work together like cells comprising the whole of the BioCosmos. Viruses are the only creatures not to be classified as organisms as they are purely bred for destruction. They cannot reproduce without destroying another life form.


Invasive organisms, such as bacteria, viruses and worms, that take sustenance from the bodies of other living creatures. They can be harmless, but many are threatening to their hosts—as Raze, Viron, and Tenzor are to the BioCosmos of Alex Hawking’s body.


Tentacle-like arms used by bacteria to transfer their genetic material to a weaker strain. Upon the transfer of the genetic material, the weaker strain undergoes immediate transformation, mutating into a more powerful and infectious bacteria.


A disease that becomes widespread and which has a high mortality rate among its victims. One example is The Black Death, which took millions of lives during the Dark Ages. Some believe it eventually gave rise to the Renaissance—and it is this cruel dynamic that The Combine wishes to reenact.


Clear-colored fluid which runs through the many corridors of the BioCosmos.


Severe pathogen invasion of the thoracic region causing damage to the lungs. It can be fatal if not treated swiftly and effectively.


The process by which the BioCosmos utilizes the remains of the defeated, whether that of microbes destroyed by the Immune System, or BioWarriors themselves. In this manner, nothing goes to waste—life and death are a continuous cycle that only ends with The Eternal Darkness.

Survival of the Fittest

The eternal conflict played out through evolution. As life-forms adapt to their surroundings, they compete against each other for limited resources and space. The strong survive; the weak fall to the wayside, to extinction. Charles Darwin called this cruel process the Survival of the Fittest.

The Eternal Dark

The end of all life in the BioCosmos, the time when all biods dim forever and the lifecore ceases to beat. Every BioWarrior knows instinctively that this event is inevitable, and yet they struggle against its passage ever second of their existence.

Thoracic Region

Also known as the chest, the Thoracic Region is a complex system of sweeping plains and caverns that house the thundering Life Core of the BioCosmos. It is in this sector that the BioWarriors first battle Raze’s and his minions, who inflicts massive damage before escaping.