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Once, he was just a humble Messenger Cell named Nero. When he defied orders and tried to battle Viron alone, he was simultaneously infected and bathed in X-Rays (as Alex was being X-Rayed in the outside world). This tragic confluence of events instigated a painful metamorphosis that transformed him into Carcin—a cancerous “Omni Cell” who could prove to be deadlier than Viron and Raze combined. He possesses the knowledge and abilities of all cell types in the Cosmos, and the deadly will of a virus.


Leader of the NKC’s (Natural Killer Cells) whose job it is to eradicate virally infected tissue and cells—including BioWarriors, if necessary. Specialized scanners allow him to locate pathogens even when they’re hidden, and his powerful cytotoxic blasts can destroy even the strongest microbes and BioWarriors alike.


Leader of the Macrophage Corps, the Universe’s deadliest defenders. A legend in his own right, he often finds himself caught between reining in Scathe and harnessing his skills. Like other members of his Corps, he can fire chemical heat blasts, pull enemies into his acid-filled abdominal cavity with his tentacles, and grow to greater size and strength in preparation for battle.

The Beyond

An enigmatic realm of unknown vastness that exists outside the barriers of the BioCosmos. It is the source of every invasive threat, every infection, every strain of bacteria—and as such, it is spoken of in hushed, sometimes fearful tones by BioWarriors. What they don’t know is that The Beyond is filled with billions of other human beings, each of whom holds within a separate Biocosmic universe.


A Monocyte, or junior member of the Macrophage Corps, who worships Scathe and desperately wants to match his mentor’s contagion-killing ways. Though not yet fully matured, he possesses the Macrophage traits of grasping tentacles, the ability to fire chemical heat blasts, and an abdominal cavity that disintegrates defeated foes with corrosive enzymes.


The viral half of the Z-Kron microbe and leader of a virus army, Viron could very well usher in the Eternal Darkness—the death of the BioCosmic Universe. Like all viruses, evolution has made him a hyper-efficient engine of destruction capable of injecting his DNA into prey to breed innumerable more viruses. Despite owing Raze his very existence, the two are at best reluctant allies.