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Biowars Artist in the Spotlight: Lucius
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Kate, a Biowars employee, recently sat down with one of Biowars’ top artists to get a better idea of exactly what drives our artists to the comic field, and to learn more about the person behind our characters.

The employees and fans of Biowars admire the intricate work that goes into the Biowars characters, and are interested to find out what inspires such creativity. Lucius, a top Biowars artist, was this month’s lucky guy. Follow our conversation below to learn more-

Kate: Okay, first thing is first.  What sparked your interest in comics?

Lucius: I honestly thought they were “how to” books when I was a kid. I remember rummaging through the woods in hopes of finding a radioactive spider to bite me so that I, too, could develop superpowers. After getting bit by a dozen or so spiders, I came to the devastating realization that the only thing I had developed was a series of rashes on my arm and one heck of a fever. My parents were naturally very upset… much like the time I dragged them to the Opera House for the sole purpose of leaving early through a dark alleyway in hopes of becoming “The Batman”.

Kate: Haha, well, it seems like you’ve been passionate about the characters for years. Of course, I’m sure you knew this next question was coming- Who is your favorite superhero?


Lucius: Simple, Aquaman. Because if there is one superpower I wish I had… it’d be to talk to fish. What else could you want, really? The power of flight? X-ray vision? Super strength? Pish posh! Talking to fish is where it’s at! Ladies love guys who talk to fish!

Kate: Interesting stance on the ladies, Lucius. With Halloween coming, I have to ask- Have you ever dressed up as a superhero for Halloween?

Lucius: Well, I did once go door to door dressed as Wonder Woman. It was not Halloween, however… and I did not get very much candy. Go figure. Just a lot of strange look, but it was all in good fun. All in all, though? Not a bad day. We artists are allowed to be a little wacky at times!

Kate: What inspires you to create new characters?

Lucius: You mean aside from the voices in my head? Hahaha! I’m just kidding, of course… there’s only one voice, but I ignore him as all he ever wants me to draw is Ninja Turtles. There are only so many times I can draw the Ninja Turtles! I mean, really? What? I’m just going to draw Ninja Turtles all day?? You’re so crazy, voice in my head!

Kate: Not going to lie, Ninja Turtles are classic, who wasn’t a fan of them at one point or another? What is your absolute favorite part of the artistic process?


Lucius: Looking down on people who can’t draw as well while sitting in a dimly lit room petting a hairless cat and laughing maniacally.


Kate: Anything else I should know about your career or passion for comics?

Lucius: Yes. My job allows me to express my creativity, every single day. I couldn’t imagine another career for myself.


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