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Comic Book Conflict: Spider-Man vs. Cyclops
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Spider Man vs Cyclops

Spider-Man has dominated his enemies for decades, but X-Men team leader Cyclops is no pushover. Both sport some amazing powers, but who would win if this ultimate showdown took place? We’ve compiled a few statistics and background information on these two comic book icons so that you can decide for yourself!

Spider-Man of the Avengers

After suffering from a nasty bite from a radioactive spider, tremendous powers were transferred to Peter Parker – an awkward science-whiz from New York City. Spider-Man’s powers include the ability to scale walls, superhuman strength, flawless balance, unmatched agility and of course – his “Spider-Sense” that allows him to detect incoming danger. Peter Parker’s intellect allows him to craft amazing devices to compliment his powers, most notably his mechanical web-slinging wrist attachments that allow him to traverse the city via synthetic webbing, in addition to neutralizing foes. As a member of some of the most elite superhero teams ever assembled (including the Avengers and the New Fantastic Four), Spider-Man  is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Cyclops of the X-Men

Scott Summers, more commonly known as Cyclops, is the field leader of the X-Men and one of the most efficient leaders in the Marvel Universe. Seemingly orphaned following a plane crash, his mutant powers manifested uncontrollably and ultimately caused him to flee his orphanage. Cyclops’ main weapon is the optic plasma energy blasts that he delivers to his enemies through his eyes. These optic blasts are emitted involuntarily and can only be stopped by closing his eyes, or shielding them with ruby quartz. The blast itself delivers no heat, but is extremely powerful and capable of destroying even steel and rock. In addition to his optic blasts, Cyclops is a well-respected field strategist and a gifted hand-to-hand combatant. You can read more about Cyclops and his previous fight against Wolverine here.


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