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Kids in Cosplay
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With the San Diego Comic Con behind us, it’s NYC’s turn to morph into the whimsical world of creatures, superheroes, and fairies this October. Lucky for us, we have a vast community that celebrates the imaginative far into our older, grayer years. But kids live in worlds that blur the line between fact and fiction- they love their imaginary friends, and learn about life through characters. What better way is there to spend some quality time with your family than to dress-up and play in your secret universe?

If you’re thinking of making NYC Comic Con a family affair, stop thinking and just do it! Here are the cutest points of inspiration for kids cosplay:

1. Little Captain America via Collider



2. Two Fierce Chun-Lis from “Streetfighter” via San Diego Comic-Con 2013



3. Little Iron Man with “Iron Man” director Joss Whedon and Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) via @ellievhal/Twitter



4. Momma Fury and the Daycare Avengers via Today



5. The Cutest Hulk in the World via Geeks of Doom


Costume stores are a great way to go- there is a plethora of options out there! But if time permits, consider making costumes together as a family! It could be as simple as turning a plain old cardboard box into the most powerful shield in the universe.

Psssttt… In case you are desperately in need of tickets, you’re in luck!  We have officially launched our Comic- Con contest! Send your artwork for a chance to win two tickets for the Saturday session. Official judging is based on raw number of votes received as well as the Judge’s Picks by the team here at Biowars!


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