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23 Best Batman Villains — The Ultimate Guide To The Dark Knight’s Rogue Gallery
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Batman villains are among the scariest and most complex comic book characters!

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Batman was created in 1939, and since then, the character has become a cultural icon.

The Caped Crusader is one of the most relatable superheroes, as he doesn’t have any superpowers. Sure, he may be richer than your average Joe, but it’s his commitment to fight for justice and the constant struggle to overcome his limitations that make him more down to earth than any other superhero.

Batman is a symbol of hope and justice for the people of Gotham, and that makes him loved by many but also hated by some.

Batman villains are among the most interesting comic book rogues due to their complex and multidimensional personalities, and we’ve rounded up some of the most dangerous villains the Caped Crusader has faced.

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Which Batman Villains Made It On The List?

Batman has been around for over 80 years and during this time, he’s made a *lot* of powerful enemies.

We created this list of Batman villains by focusing on their abilities, intelligence, and the level of threat they pose to Batman and the citizens of Gotham City.

The rogues we included in the roundup regularly cause chaos and destruction on a large scale.

The Batman villains we focused on have:

  • Complex psychological traits: Batman villains are rarely one-dimensional “bad guys and girls.” Their backstories are often complex and tragic, and their actions are rooted in personal traumas that have propelled them to turn to a life of crime. The fights between Batman and the villains aren’t just good vs. evil. Instead, you discover what made the villains the way they are and what lies behind their actions.
  • Unique features: Batman villains often have memorable quirks and unique physical appearances that make them stand out.

In our list, we also focused on Batman villains that reflect different aspects of society and culture, such as greed, corruption, and the dark side of humanity as a whole.

These characters are highly intelligent and know how to use their wits to challenge and try to outsmart Batman.

Now, let’s meet the Dark Knight’s worthy opponents!

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The 11 Scariest Male Batman Villains 

1. The Joker 

First appearance: April 1940 in Batman #1 

The Joker is a supervillain and one of Batman’s most iconic archenemies.  

First appearing in 1940 The Clown Prince of Crime’s origin story differs depending on what Batman comic book you read or movie you watch.  

He is often depicted as a failed stand-up comedian named Jack Napier who became a criminal after he was disfigured. Napier fell into a tank of chemicals during a failed robbery. The chemicals permanently turned his hair green, bleached his skin white and twisted his face into a grin. 

In other versions, the Joker is presented as a psychotic and chaotic character who causes destruction for no particular reason other than the fact that he revels in it and wants to see the world burn  

Regardless of the specifics of his backstory, the Joker is always portrayed as a deeply disturbed man who is highly intelligent but also psychotic and deadly. 

The Joker is completely alienated from society and has a twisted view of the world. That leads him to become unpredictable and chaotic, and to commit horrific crimes, including murders and bombings. 

The Clown Prince of Crime is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals. He completely disregards the lives of others and is prepared to torture them both mentally and physically, as he did with Jason Todd (the second Robin) in the comic book Batman: A Death In the Family and Barbara Gordon in The Killing Joke. 

Despite having many allies and enemies, the Joker is obsessed with Batman. He sees the Dark Knight as his only friend. The Joker also believes that he’s the villain Batman needs because every hero needs a villain to fight.  

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2. Ra’s al Ghul 

First appearance: June 1971 in Daughter of the Demon #232 

Batman throws down with Ra’s al Ghul in the Batcave in the preview of DETECTIVE COMICS #954!

— DC (@DCComics) April 10, 2017

Ra’s al Ghul is among the deadliest Batman villains.  

His name means “Head of the Demon” in Arabic and it perfectly describes this immortal supervillain 

To stay young and vital and heal injuries, Ra’s al Ghul uses the “Lazarus Pit” — a pool of restorative waters that extends his life over and over again. 

Ra’s al Ghul is among the most complex villains the Dark Knight has faced.  

He’s the leader of the League of Assassins and a formidable strategist and martial artist who’s dedicated his whole life to establishing worldwide domination 

Given his vast, centuries-old wealth, he can hire as many mercenaries as needed to achieve his goals, which makes him a threat to Batman and the entire world.  

Ra’s al Ghul believes that his mission is to restore balance in the world and correct humanity. To achieve that, he doesn’t mind killing most humans, since he sees them as too sinister. 

This Batman villain has a complex relationship with the Dark Knight. Ra’s al Ghul wants to recruit Batman because he sees him as the potential successor to his cause and the next leader of the League of Shadows. He even trained Batman under the name Henri Ducard and recruited him to join the League of Shadows to destroy Gotham.  

Naturally, Batman disagrees with Ra’s al Ghul’s ways and means and that’s why the two clash.  

3. Two-Face 

First appearance: August 1942 in Detective Comics #66 

Two-Face turns one of the Dark Knight’s greatest allies against him in ALL-STAR BATMAN #2!

— DC (@DCComics) September 15, 2016

Two-Face is perhaps the most tragic of all Batman villains.  

His real name is Harvey Dent, and he used to work as the District Attorney of Gotham City.  

He was diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder as a child, but he managed to keep his disorder a secret as he climbed through the ranks.  

Dent was disfigured when a mob boss named Sal Maroni threw acid in his face during a trial, and that event changed his life forever. The left side of Dent’s face was severely burnt and he was never the same. 

Two-Face is obsessed with duality and he makes his decisions no matter how big or small by flipping a coin. He sees the world as black and white, with nothing in between. Even the way he’s dressed reflects his views; Two-Face often wears a half-black, half-white suit.  

What makes Two-Face different than a lot of Batman’s adversaries is the fact that the two were close friends before the tragic event. He was someone Bruce Wayne could confine in, but after the transformation, everything changed for the worse.  

Two-Face started to blame Batman for his misfortune and madness and the two became like two sides of the same coin.  

4. Scarecrow 

First appearance: September 1941 in World’s Finest #3  

Scarecrow’s ready to really dig deep into Batman’s brain. What are your thoughts on BATMAN: KINGS OF FEAR #3?

— DC (@DCComics) October 29, 2018

The Scarecrow is arguably one of the most frightening Batman villains the Caped Crusader has ever encountered.  

His real name is Dr. Jonathan Crane. 

Crane grew up with an abusive father who subjected him to inhuman experiments. Although those experiences left him mentally unstable, Crane became an expert in psychology 

The Scarecrow uses fear toxin, a.k.a., the fear gas as a weapon to induce fear in his victims. And since he’s also a master psychologist, Scarecrow knows exactly how to bend his victims, use their darkest and deepest fears against them, and turn them insane. 

Scarecrow’s appearance on its own is quite scary. He’s usually depicted as a scarecrow-like figure in a brown suit and a burlap sack over his head. He also has a sinister stitched smile. The Scarecrow looks unsettling, which adds to his ominous presence.  

Scarecrow’s motivations as a villain are centered around his desire to spread fear and chaos throughout Gotham City. He believes that fear is the ultimate weapon and he uses it to manipulate and control those around him.  

5. Bane 

First appearance: January 1993 in Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1 

The man who broke the Bat returns to face his past, present, and future in BATMAN – ONE BAD DAY: BANE #1. On sale now:

— DC (@DCComics) January 20, 2023

Bane is among the few villains that Batman fears. 

He was born on the island of Santa Prisca in a prison, where he developed a deep hatred for authority.  

In his youth, he was subjected to a Venom steroid in a super-soldier program. The Venom is an addictive drug that enhanced his physical abilities, making Bane distinctively strong, robust and big. Bane uses the drug to keep himself strong and fast. 

Bane also wears a mask of a Mexican luchador (a wrestler), which hides his identity and makes him appear all the scarier.  

He’s intelligent, a master strategist and has an insatiable desire for control and power 

To beat Bane, Batman needs to rely on his brains and strength more than with any other villain. After all, Bane did break Batman’s back in Batman #497, so the Caped crusader needs to be extra careful when facing the fearsome Bane. 

6. The Riddler 

First appearance: October 1948 in Detective Comics #140 

Paul Dano is writing THE RIDDLER: YEAR ONE, a six-issue bimonthly DC Black Label series illustrated by Stevan Subic. Are you ready? #TheRiddlerYearOne launches this October. #RiddlerYearOne

— DC (@DCComics) July 22, 2022

The Riddler is a genius, enigmatic Batman villain that uses riddles and puzzles to challenge and manipulate his enemies, including the Dark Knight.  

His real name is Edward Nygma, a man with a narcissistic personality who likes to prove his intellectual superiority over others. He likes to leave clues and hints for Batman and the police and he believes that, if they’re smart enough to solve the riddles, then they deserve to catch him.   

The reason the Riddler chooses to do no good is rooted in his desire to prove that he is more intelligent than others.   

Both Batman and the Riddler love intellectual challenges; the difference between the two is that the Riddler is a dangerous criminal who sees Batman as a worthy opponent, while Batman works hard to prevent the Riddler from committing crime.  

7. The Penguin 

First appearance: December 1941 in Detective Comics #58 

Paul Dano is writing THE RIDDLER: YEAR ONE, a six-issue bimonthly DC Black Label series illustrated by Stevan Subic. Are you ready? #TheRiddlerYearOne launches this October. #RiddlerYearOne

— DC (@DCComics) July 22, 2022

The Penguin’s real name is Oswald Cobblepot. He’s known for his distinctive appearance — he’s a short, overweight man with a long nose who usually wears a tuxedo, a hat and a monocle.  

The Penguin loves umbrellas. Although he isn’t as physically intimidating as other Batman villains, he uses his umbrellas and exploding wind-up penguins as weapons to severely harm his opponents. His umbrellas often pack hidden weapons, such as flamethrowers and machine guns.   

The Penguin has a complicated relationship with Batman. Although he’s a villain, he’s not as violent as some of Batman’s other foes. The Penguin even respects Batman, but still, his dangerous schemes put him at odds with the Dark Knight. 

Cobblepot is more of a sociopath than a psychopath. He’s a colorful character in Batman comics and movies, and a true Gentleman of Crime  

8. Professor Pyg 

First appearance: July 2007 in Batman #666 

Professor Pyg will make you perfect. Here’s the full rundown on the twisted villain featured in BATMAN #62, out now:

— DC (@DCComics) January 10, 2019

Professor Pyg is one of the most disturbing Batman villains.  

He’s a relatively new bad guy, first introduced in 2007.  

His real name is Lazlo Valentin, and he is depicted as a former top surgeon who became a sadistic criminal after a mental breakdown. He wears a pig mask and is often seen wearing a butcher’s apron and wielding a cleaver. 

Professor Pyg’s main weapon is a mind-altering drug called Dollotrons, which he uses to control the minds of his victims and turn them into mindless, obedient servants 

He is also a skilled fighter and tactician and often uses his surgical expertise to modify his own body or the bodies of his victims. 

Professor Pyg is severely mentally unstable. The left side of his brain is so damaged that he perceives reality as heavily chaotic. As a result of his mental issues, Professor Pyg often speaks cryptic babble that is incomprehensible but is actually full of symbols.  

Professor Pyg is a polarizing Batman villain, with some appreciating his uniqueness, while others find him too disturbing.  

9. Mr. Freeze 

First appearance: February 1959 in Batman #121 

Mr. Freeze is among the most tragic Batman villains, alongside Two-Face.  

Victor Fries worked as a cryogenicist, but an accident left him unable to survive in normal temperatures. Instead, he needs to wear a cryogenic suit and a helmet to keep his body at sub-zero temperatures. 

What makes Mr. Freeze different than any other Batman villain is the fact that he’s not committing crimes just for the fun of it. He wants to save his sick wife, Nora, from dying, and he’s keeping her alive through suspended animation. He keeps Nora frozen to prevent her disease from progressing until a cure is found. 

The desire to keep his wife alive pushes Mr. Freeze to do horrible things and hurt other people. He uses a freeze gun that turns others into ice while the suit that keeps him alive also acts as a shield that prevents him from harm.  

Mr. Freeze is often depicted as sympathetic with a strong sense of honor, which is why a lot of people root for him and want him to succeed in saving his wife.  

10. Hush 

First appearance: January 2003, Batman #609 

Hush’s real name is Dr. Thomas Elliot 

He’s a former childhood friend of Bruce Wayne who, just like Bruce, was born into a wealthy family.  

Ever since he was a child, Hush was quite disturbed. He hated his parents and wanted to kill them to inherit their wealth. However, Thomas (Bruce Wayne’s father) saved his father’s life, so Hush started hating Thomas. And once Thomas died, he pointed his hatred toward Batman.  

Hush is a skilled surgeon and strategist. He’s known for his ability to manipulate people and events to achieve his goals. 

Hush wears bandages around his face, which helps him hide his identity. Since he hates Batman, he regularly tries to destroy him. 

Hush uses a lot of gadgets and weapons, such as firearms and explosives. He is also skilled in hand-to-hand fights. 

11. Deathstroke The Terminator 

First appearance: December 1980 in New Teen Titans #2 

Hack and slash boys, hack and slash. ⚔️ Share your thoughts on DEATHSTROKE INC. #9!

— DC (@DCComics) May 29, 2022

Deathstroke, also known as Slade Wilson, is a fictional supervillain in the Batman universe.  

Deathstroke is a highly skilled mercenary and one of the world’s deadliest assassins. He’s known for his strength, agility, and endurance, as well as his strategic mind. He’s one of the most formidable opponents Batman has ever faced. 

Deathstroke wears a distinctive costume, which includes an orange and black mask. In fights, he likes to use swords, guns and explosives. 

Deathstroke has also been depicted as an antihero, but he’s still a villain that mercilessly kills others and attacks Batman because he blames him for his son’s death.   

Slade is among the deadliest and most dangerous villains; he even said that Batman is alive only because he allows it, to which Batman agreed. 

Top 6 Female Batman Villains 

1. Harley Quinn 

First appearance: September 1992 in Batman: The Animated Series 

Harley Quinn is Batman’s most dangerous female villain. 

Behind her bubbly and energetic personality lies a dangerous manipulator who knows a thing or two about Batman’s weaknesses 

Quinn’s name is Harleen Quinzel, and she worked originally as a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum. She was assigned to treat the Joker and became infatuated with him, eventually helping him escape and becoming not only his accomplice but also his romantic partner 

The Joker often mistreats Quinn, but she still stays loyal to him. There were, though, a few occasions in which she turned her back on the Joker and teamed up with Batman to fight him.  

In Batman: The Animated Series, episode Harlequinade, Quinn convinces Batman to help her stop the Joker, only to trick him and lead him to Joker’s hideout where hyenas attack Batman. 

Harley Quinn is a skilled gymnast, acrobat and fighter and has no problem dealing with Batman and other counterparts in physical combat.  

She also likes to use a giant mallet in fights, which makes her all the more dangerous.  

In recent years, Harley Quinn’s character has evolved beyond her role as a sidekick to the Joker. She has been portrayed as a complex, albeit unpredictable character, sometimes taking on an anti-hero role.  

2. Poison Ivy 

First appearance: June 1966 in Batman #181 

POISON IVY is now free-to-read with registration:

— DC (@DCComics) January 19, 2023

Poison Ivy is an iconic Batman villain. 

Born Pamela Isley, she is a skilled botanist who uses her knowledge to create deadly toxins and control plant life. 

Although her backstory differs depending on the comic you read, she is usually depicted as a promising student who was seduced by her professor who used her as part of an experiment and injected her with toxins. 

When her professor/lover betrayed her and abandoned her, Pamela slowly turned to a life of crime.  

She became an eco-terrorist fully dedicated to achieving her goals. She believes that humans are bad and a threat to nature, so she commits her life to protecting the environment. 

Given her control over plants that release their natural toxins on her command, Poison Ivy uses flora to attack her enemies. Her kiss is deadly because of the poison in her lips. 

Poison Ivy’s devotion to protecting the environment is one of her greatest weaknesses. When nature is endangered, she becomes unstable and prone to outbursts of violence towards others. 

Although she’s a villain, Poison Ivy has teamed up with Batman on several occasions, when they’ve worked together to protect nature.  

3. Talia al Ghul 

First appearance: May 1971 in Detective Comics #411 

THIS. This is the fight you’ve been waiting for as Talia al Ghul and Catwoman duel in the preview of BATMAN #35!

— DC (@DCComics) November 10, 2017

Talia is the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, the leader of the League of Assassins.   

She is a great fighter and strategist and is often portrayed as having a conflicted relationship with Batman. 

Talia’s primary motivation as a villain is her loyalty to her father and her desire to fulfill his plans for world domination. She’s ruthless and calculating. 

Talia has also been depicted as an antihero with a complex moral code. She has occasionally worked alongside Batman and other heroes and has been shown to have a love-hate relationship with Batman, with whom she shares a romantic history. 

Despite the love she sometimes feels for Batman, at the end of the day, she wants nothing more than to finish what her father started 

4. Punchline 

First appearance: February 2020 in Batman #89 

You’ll enter a dangerous mind in PUNCHLINE #1 ?? Go behind the scenes with writer @dipsoff and @CBR here:

— DC (@DCComics) October 16, 2020

Punchline, a.k.a., Alexis Kaye, is one of the newest supervillains in the Batman universe.  

She is a dangerous villain who is often portrayed as a rival to Harley Quinn 

Punchline is a member of the Joker’s gang, and is obsessed with him, often going to great lengths to impress him and gain his approval. However, after she was incarcerated and the Joker bailed on her, she realized that they never shared the same goals.  

That realization makes her all the more dangerous because, without the Joker, she’s become completely unpredictable 

Punchline is a terrific fighter, anarchist and schemer with a sadistic and cruel streak. She is known for her distinctive appearance, which includes brightly colored hair and makeup, as well as an interesting costume. 

Despite her relatively short time in the Batman universe, Punchline has already become a popular and controversial character, with some fans praising her as an exciting new addition to the Batman universe, while others don’t see her as particularly valuable to Batman’s mythos. 

5. Lady Spellbinder 

First appearance: November 1995 in Detective Comics #691 

Born Fey Moffit, Lady Spellbinder is a hypnotist and psychic who uses her powers to control others and commit crimes.   

She was Spellbinder’s girlfriend but she killed him so that she could gain more powers in exchange for his soul.  

Lady Spellbinder’s powers allow her to manipulate others through hypnosis and mind control, making her particularly dangerous. She can create realistic illusions, and her victims can feel the actual pain of the illusions. 

She is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat. 

Lady Spellbinder always feels the need for validation and recognition, and that prompts her to commit horrific crimes.  

6. The Phantasm 

First appearance:  December 1993 in Batman: Mask of the Phantasm 

This is the part when villains usually run away ? ?‍⬛ How did you like BATMAN/ CATWOMAN #6? #DCBlackLabel

— Batman (@Batman) August 21, 2021

Andrea Beaumont is a former love interest of Bruce Wayne 

She has a tragic past that motivates her actions and prompts her to become the villain known as the Phantasm.  

Her father was an inventor who became involved with the Valestra mob but was murdered when he tried to break away from the organization. Andrea seeks revenge for her father’s death but also becomes disillusioned with her own actions as the Phantasm. 

In Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, Andrea returns to Gotham City after many years and rekindles her romance with Bruce, but also begins a vigilante campaign targeting members of the Valestra mob. 

The Phantasm’s true identity is initially unknown, as Andrea wears a dark cloak and a mask that hides her face.  

She is a skilled fighter and assassin, capable of taking out multiple opponents at once. Her weapon of choice is a razor-sharp blade. 

Underrated Batman Villains 

1. The Ventriloquist 

First appearance: February 1988 in Detective Comics #583 

The Ventriloquist’s real name is Arnold Wesker 

He’s a timid man who suffers from dissociative identity disorder and schizophrenia.  

His dominant personality is that of a ruthless, violent criminal. He carries his dummy Scarface with him and believes that it’s a living, breathing person with a mind of his own. 

Scarface was modeled after a 1920s-era gangster and is often seen as the true mastermind behind the Ventriloquist’s crimes.  

The Ventriloquist is known for his violent outbursts and cold-blooded killings, making him one of the scariest Batman villains. 

2. Lady Shiva 

First appearance: January 1976 in Kung-Fu Fighter #5 

Lady Shiva, or Sandra Wu-San, has impressive physical prowess and martial arts skills 

She became a skilled combatant after her sister was killed. Lady Shiva wanted to avenge her death, so she mastered several martial arts to prepare for a fight with her sister’s murderers.  

Lady Shiva is an expert in a wide variety of martial arts, as well as various weapons such as swords, knives, and throwing crosses and shuriken. 

She’s addicted to the dangerous lifestyle, and she even works as a mercenary, asking a lot of money for her services.  

With Lady Shiva, nothing’s just black and white.  

She’s a multifaceted character who works alongside Batman at times. After Bane broke his back, Batman asked Lady Shiva to train him and help him get back to his old self.  

3. The Batman Who Laughs 

First appearance: July 2017 in Dark Nights: Metal 

The Batman Who Laughs is a supervillain character that represents a version of Batman from the Dark Multiverse. 

In the comic book series Dark Nights: Metal, the Batman Who Laughs is Batman from a universe where he defeated the Joker, but was exposed to a toxin that transformed him into a hybrid of the two characters and caused him to lose his sanity 

The Batman Who Laughs has Batman’s intelligence and physical abilities mixed with the Joker’s sadism, cruelty and lack of empathy. 

He wears a distinctive costume that combines Batman’s costume and the Joker’s. He usually has a wide, toothy grin, and often carries a set of deadly Joker-style playing cards.  

This villain is so dangerous and chaotic that Batman even teams up with the Joker to stop him.  

4. Hugo Strange 

First appearance: February 1940 in Detective Comics #36 

Hugo Strange is a smart but insane man who’s obsessed with Batman and wants to uncover his true identity. 

Hugo Strange is a brilliant psychiatrist and criminal mastermind. He uses his knowledge of the human mind to subject others to his twisted experiments and psychological manipulation to achieve his goals. 

He manages to discover Batman’s true identity and attempts to use this information to destroy him. 

5. Clayface 

First appearance: June 1940 in Detective Comics #40 

One villain’s Hollywood dream becomes a nightmare for everyone else. Read BATMAN – ONE BAD DAY: CLAYFACE, on sale tomorrow:

— DC (@DCComics) February 20, 2023

Clayface has been portrayed as several different characters over the years, each with a unique backstory and powers.  

The original Clayface is Basil Karloan actor turned criminal after he learned that a movie in which he stared in was getting remade. That drove him insane and he went on a murder spree and killed the cast.  

Clayface has the ability to manipulate his facial features, which allows him to disguise himself as other people and mimic objects. 

Other characters who have taken on the Clayface persona include Matt Hagen, who gained his powers through a radioactive mud bath, and Preston Payne, who turned to Clayface through exposure to an experimental chemical. 

6. The Mad Hatter 

First appearance: October 1948, Batman #49 

The Mad Hatter’s real name is Jervis Tetch 

Hes a genius inventor and neuroscientist. Tetch often wears a top hat and a suit; his appearance is inspired by the character of the Mad Hatter from “Alice in Wonderland” who he’s obsessed with. 

The Mad Hatter is dangerous because of his use of mind-controlling technology. He uses it to manipulate his victims. On top of that, the Mad Hatter is also a skilled hypnotist and often uses his abilities to create hallucinations and alter his enemies’ perceptions of reality. 

This villain wants to turn Gotham into his twisted version of Wonderland and find his Alice. He also wants to get his hands on Batman’s cowl. 

The Mad Hatter is a cunning villain with the brains and technology he uses to outsmart his enemies. 

A Recap On Batman Villains 

Batman villains are among the most complex, memorable, and multifaceted comic book characters.  

Many of them serve as some of the most iconic and enduring antagonists in popular culture. 

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