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8 Places to Avoid on Your Next Trip to Gotham
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You made a great choice when you planned a trip to Gotham. One of the biggest cities in the world where the plot of Batman comics and Batman movies takes place, Gotham is home to millions of people, historic landmarks, and breathtaking views of some of the nation’s most influential architecture. However, like any sprawling metropolis, you’ll want to be careful of the dangers that come with so many people in such a small space. To ensure your trip is safe and free of any incident, we’ve put together a list of eight places to avoid.

1) Ace Chemical Processing Plant, Inc.

Image Credit: DC Comics Wiki

Beyond just looking spooky, the Ace Chemical Processing Plant is a known hideout for criminals and underworld lackeys who, trust us, you really don’t want to meet. Sure, it’s famous for that incident where a burglar fell into a vat of chemicals, creating one of the worst criminals Gotham has ever known, but that’s not a reason to go there. Avoid this one at all cost. Maybe browse the shopping district instead?

2) Toxic Acres


Sort of like Chernobyl, Toxic Acres is famous for showcasing how the world would look  if life disappeared from it entirely. This landmark features a vast neighborhood of newly-built houses that are unsuitable for living due to its proximity to a waste dump. In addition to taking home a few rads, you might run into some of the worst criminals in the city’s history, like Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. Just stay away, there’s more to see elsewhere.

3) Slaughter Swamp


Even though you’ll find Slaughter Swamp on every “must-see” list in the city, don’t go there. As local lore tells it, in 1895, a millionaire named Cyrus Gold carried on an affair here with a local lady of the night, and when he refused to acquiesce to her ransom demands, he was hit over the head with a shovel. His body was interred here, and through a process that only only be described as horrible magic, he came back to life as the nefarious villain, Solomon Grundy. This isn’t your average haunted place, and must be avoided. Just last year, it’s been rumored that a hibernating Grundy rose from his sleep to attack a group of tourists. Maybe check out Wayne Manor instead?

4) The Stacked Deck

the stacked deck batman

Maybe you’re interested in visiting some of the local bars and pool halls on your visit. After all, Gotham is famous for its nightlife. Well, do what you can to avoid The Stacked Deck, which is one of the most dangerous places you could find yourself. A local haunt of criminals, including The Joker, The Creeper, and The Chemist, nothing good really ever happens here. When Robin disappeared years ago (you probably remember the headlines), The Stacked Deck was one of the first places Batman looked. Hey, we don’t want you to disappear. We want you to have a great time. Just don’t go there.

5) The Iceberg Lounge

the iceburg lounge batman

While you may be attracted to this lounge by its unique atmosphere, including freezing cold temperatures, ice furniture, and real live seals inhabiting a central chilled pool, look elsewhere. A known criminal front for the dreaded Penguin, this lounge features all the dangers of Crime Alley in a single locale. Many other famous Gotham criminals show their faces here, including The Joker and Rupert Thorne. Look, there’s hundreds of other lounges throughout the city. Try one of those.

6) The East End

arkham docks batman

Then we have the second most dangerous district in the city, The East End. While Crime Alley has more murders and muggings every week, this is only due to The East End’s night-time protector, Catwoman. No one is sure why she chose this area to oversee, but many straying tourists have found themselves in serious danger only to have Catwoman claw them out of trouble at the last moment. This underdeveloped, crime-ridden area should be avoided at all cost, no matter how much you like leather.

7) The Bowery

gotham the bowery

So far, we’ve just warned you of specific places that maybe you’re careful enough to avoid on your own. It shouldn’t take a second warning to convince you not to go to a nasty swamp, or a radiated neighborhood. But during the day, this bustling area known as The Bowery might seem inconsequential, maybe even safe. At night though, this is the worst neighborhood in Gotham, and the setting for dozens of killings, burglaries, muggings, and assaults every week. While the whole neighborhood is bad, there’s one particular street you really need to watch out for…

8) Crime Alley

bruce wayne parents death crime alley

This is, by far, the worst street in Gotham. Avoid it at all cost. Crime Alley is legendary for two billionaires who were murdered there, Bruce and Martha Wayne. At first named Park Row when it was still a main thoroughfare for theatre-goers, after the grisly killings this street earned the nickname “Crime Alley,” and for good reason. In all of The Bowery, this is the most dangerous street, and that’s saying something. The glamour of the theatre is gone, with empty buildings, broken windows, and cracked pavement call signs of a once glorious past. Every reason to go here is gone. Just don’t do it.

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