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New Year, New You: The Healing Power of Fibroblasts
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The start of a new year brings with it the opportunity for new beginnings. Resolutions about your outlook on life, the chance for adventure to begin, or the motivation for improve your personal health are all things that people try to address at the dawn of a new calendar cycle.

What we may not realize, is that there are powers working within our own bodies to make sure we are as good as new each and every day. No matter what speed bumps we may face in the coming new year, healing cells called “Fibroblasts” are constantly repairing damaged tissues within our bodies in order to mend us, and heal us properly.

biowars - fibroblasts

What Are Fibroblasts?

The Fibroblasts play an important role by working hard to heal our BioWarriors and mend them as they prepare for future battles. Much like these characters, the real Fibroblasts in our own bodies are constantly working to make sure our wounds are healed and we are in good shape to take on the battles our bodies face on a daily basis.

The main duty of Fibroblasts is to repair damaged tissue. When an area is scraped, wounded, or injured, Fibroblasts are stimulated to migrate to the site of the damage. There they create collagen and elastic fibers to facilitate healing of the damaged area. They stimulate cell recreation and use that to strategically rebuild the area of the wound. Their complex work is what makes sure our wounds look as good as new and usually results in minimal scarring. These quick and systematic reparations to our tissue and skin allow our bodies to be strong enough to face the world moving forward.

Why Do We Need Them?

When you have a deep wound or cut, watching the way in which it heals can be an incredible thing to witness. The way your skin webs and repairs itself is all thanks to the Fibroblasts that are churning out the collagen to make it all happen. They are facilitating the healing process and making sure your skin is not just randomly growing in different directions, but that each cell has a purpose in the overall unified goal to mend the wound.

No matter how small the tissue injury, the Fibroblasts are critical in making sure it heals properly.

biowars - fibroblasts

Their Role in the Biowars

In the world of Biowars, Fibroblasts are a classification of BioWarrior that act as medics to those who take part in battle. They heal the wounds of injured fighters so that they can get back into the action, or be prepared for the future confrontations ahead of them. They also have the capability to fend off invading microbes by using their collagenous webs to entangle them, or create blockage that prevents them from escaping – allowing the other BioWarriors to destroy them once and for all.

Sutura acts as our main reference for the Fibroblasts. We see how much she cares about tending to the injured BioWarriors, and how she worries for their safety on the battlefield. Known as the “Gentle Warrior” she often puts her own safety on the line in order to take care of those wounded in action.

Whether they are healing our BioWarriors, doing their part to ward of predators in the BioCosmos, or repairing the damaged tissues of our own human bodies, Fibroblasts play a much bigger role in our lives than we may have realized. So as we enter this brand new year filled with new opportunities and adventures, there are ups and downs we will all surely face. However, always remember the cells that are working overtime to make sure you are always in the best condition to quickly heal and face the challenges ahead.

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