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Win our Art Contest: Win New York Comic-Con Tickets!

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Over the past year, we have developed Biowars into a compelling story with strong visuals, powerful characters, and unique universe. We are excited to announce that we will be releasing the first issue this month along with the new website in the coming few weeks.


As an indie comic book, we are constantly looking for fresh talent. Right now, we are hosting a competition in which artists submit their art work. We are calling on all artists with a love for sci-fi geeks submit their version of a virus.We encourage everyone who is passionate about visual arts to participate in the Viral Artwork Competition! Add to your portfolio, be a part of our community… And of course, if your submission wins, you get two tickets to the New York Comic-Con!


To get you started, here are a few pointers: Viruses have 4-6 legs, a head full of DNA, a stinger, and a desire to destroy!! Winners are selected by a combination of most public votes along with the judges’ favorite submission. The best entries will be features on, and the top three winners will each win 2 tickets to the New York Comic-Con! Get your submission in as early as possible to get your friends, families, and admirers to vote for you! Goodluck!


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