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Cytox Beyond Dimensions — December 5, 2023

Cytox in 3D.

In a world where creativity meets technology, Cytox seamlessly transitions between the charm of 2D and the immersive allure of 3D!

The guy is already intimidating in 2D (just look at him!), but in 3D, it’s as if he’s ready to jump out of your screen and deal with the pathogens attacking you:

2D and 3D designs of Cytox.
2D and 3D designs of Cytox back to back!

In 3D, Cytox exudes power, strength and determination to annihilate just about anyone who dares to jeopardize the balance in the BIOCOSMOS.

His dedication to slaying pathogens transcends the screen, creating an immersive experience like never before!

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