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Electro vs. Static
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Electro vs Static

The latest comic book movie star Electro faces off against fan-favorite Static in a battle of electric mayhem!


Amazing Spider-Man 2 villain Electro

Electro was originally a simple lineman working for a local electric company. While saving a fellow employee (after making sure he’d be paid to do so), he was struck by lightning while in contact with a spool of power cables. He thus became a human capacitor, and embarked on a life of crime. After facing defeat at the hands of both Spider-Man and Daredevil, Electro partnered with five other Spider-Man rogues to form the original Sinister Six.
At the beginning of the New Avengers storyline, “Breakout,” Electro assaulted the supervillain prison known as The Raft in his greatest display of power yet. In doing so, he freed dozens of deadly criminals including Sauron, the man he was hired to free. Unfortunately for Electro, the crisis he manufactured led to the creation of the New Avengers, who spared little time in tracking him down and apprehending him.

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Teen Titans superhero Static

After being unwillingly drawn into a gang confrontation, Virgil Hawkins and many of the delinquents present were exposed to a mysterious gas. This event became known as the Big Bang, and those affected gained abilities and/or were physically altered and were referred to as Bang Babies. While many of the affected criminals retained their villainous ways, Virgil chose to use his newfound electrokinetic powers as the superhero Static.
In the two-part Static Shock story “A League of Their Own,” Static is recruited by the Justice League to help restore power to the drained Watchtower satellite base. Accompanied by his partner, Gear, Static proceeds to charge the space station. When the Justice League is unexpectedly called away, Static and Gear enjoy a brief respite before being attacked by Brainiac, who had escaped while his containment field lost electricity. While Static and Gear seemingly defeated Brainiac on the Watchtower, the villain had actually managed to take over Gear’s Backpack’s AI, and later Gear himself in addition to members of the Justice League. Luckily, Static’s abilities allowed him to avoid assimilation and take down Brainiac.
Which high-voltage character would win? YOU can vote and comment below now with your choice!


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