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Making the Most out of Your Experience at New York Comic Con
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New York Comic Con  has begun this Thursday, October 10th and goes until Sunday, October 13th at the Javits Center in NYC. The sold out event features the latest and greatest in comics, movies, television, and more with over 116,000 attendees last year.  While you are packing various happenings into a few short days, we’ve compiled a few suggestions to make your NYCC experience the best that it can be.

1.       Plan ahead– NYCC is a huge event with anything from autograph sessions to panels and screenings, and it is difficult to determine the best plan of attach for it. It is important to do your research and plan ahead to best determine the attractions that are a must-see on your list. To assist in the planning process, NYCC offers My Show Planner  for attendees to create a list of events that you specifically want to attend.

2.       Take a shuttle– Avoid the hassles of parking, walking, taking the train, and fighting the crowds near Times Square. Free shuttles are offered to and from the Javits center to alleviate congestion in the area for those attending the event from Penn Station, Grand Central, and official NYCC hotel locations . Did we mention they’re FREE?

3.       Prepare for the long haul– Yes, you will have a long day. Come prepared with a bag for NYCC swag, stocked with snacks and water.

4.       Get creative, but be comfortable– We all want to dress up in a complicated costume, but remember, you will be doing a lot of walking at NYCC. It is best to be comfortable so that you may get the most out of your Comic Con experience.  

5.       Bring cash– Dealers often prefer cash, and no one wants to miss something on their list because they are stuck in line at an ATM. Be sure to use your cash to bargain with merchants to get the best deals.

{Hint hint: Prices often go down on Sundays, as dealers want to deplete their inventory at the end of the weekend}

If you follow our basic guidelines for a successful experience at New York Comic Con, you’ll be able to concentrate on making the absolute most out of your experience. Most of all, have fun!


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