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New Looks For Sutura, Nero And Sensurian — June 16, 2023

biowars sutura nero sensurian 1

Sutura, Nero and Sensurian just had a glow-up!

Hey, BIOWARS fans!

This week, we’d like to show you how we redesigned three of our brave BIOWARRIORS — Sutura, Nero and Sensurian!

Let’s kick things off with the gentle and courageous Sutura — a fibroblast medic BIOWARRIOR:

Old and new designs of Sutura.
Sutura’s new design enhances her healing and agile nature.

Next comes Nero — a messenger cell that swiftly carries messages from the Council of the Mind to fellow BIOWARRIORS.

Here are the old and new designs of Nero:

Old and new versions of Nero.
The new version of Nero highlights his ability to travel at the speed of thought!

Last but not least, we’d like to show you what Sensurian looks like now.

She’s also a messenger cell (alongside Nero) and an agent of the Central Nervous System:

Old and new design of Sensurian.
Sensurian’s new design reflects her fast movement & her ability to defend herself with blasts of electricity.

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