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Top 8 Superhero Couples That Make Us Believe In True Love
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Famous superhero powerhouse couples from Marvel and DC Comics universes.
[Photo Credit: Marvel and DC Comics]

What’s a comic book without an earth-shattering love story?

Superhero romances have evolved over the century-long history of comic books, and some of these love stories have stood the test of time. While a superhero vs. villain showdown is always hard to beat, we have to admit we’re always rooting for beloved superheroes to find love of their own.

We’ve put together a list of favorite superhero couples. While some are true fan favorites, others might surprise you!

Take a look at the superhero couples we love.

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Who Made It Onto The Best Superhero Couples List?

When making our list of the best superhero couples, we considered characters from Marvel and DC Comics universes.

However, with so many power couples around, we struggled to narrow down our list to seven couples. We decided to focus on beautiful romances that inspire us, give us hope and encourage us to believe in true love.

The love stories we will talk about may be fictional, but the lessons these superhero couples teach us apply to real life. Now let’s meet some of the most popular superhero lovebirds!

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Best Marvel Superhero Couples

1. Mr. Fantastic And The Invisible Woman


  • Mr. Fantastic: Genius-level intellect; superhuman elasticity
  • The Invisible Woman: invisibility and force fields

First met: In The Fantastic Four

Status: Married with two kids

A collage of screenshots showing Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman side by side. Image used in the "Best Superhero Couples" blog post.
[Photo Credits: Mr. Fantastic via Marvel and The Invisible Woman via Marvel]

Mr. Fantastic and The Invisible Woman are the first ever romantic couple in Marvel Comics. They were first introduced to us in The Fantastic Four. However, readers didn’t get much of a background on the two — they were already in love when they first appeared in the comic book.

Reed is a brilliant scientist and an inventor and so is Sue. The two are among the founding members of The Fantastic Four.

While many have wondered what Sue saw in Reed when she could do so much better, their attraction for each other is stronger than any obstacle. Their romance seems so natural and ordinary even though their everyday lives are anything but!

For example, Reed keeps the existence of the Illuminati a secret from Sue, and he also makes her angry when he decides to save the solar system from their son’s powers.

But these two have a lot of earthly, regular-people problems, too, such as Sue occasionally kissing Namor the Submariner — the half-human, half-Atlantean anti-hero and one of the best-known enemies and allies of the Fantastic Four.

The couple breaks up many times, but they always get back together and their love prevails. In fact, they are one of the longest-lasting couples in the comic book world. They got married in 1965’s Fantastic Four Annual #3 and they even have two kids.

2. Spider-Man And Mary-Jane Watson


  • Spider-Man: superhuman strength and speed
  • Mary Jane: attains spider-powers

First met: In 1963’s Amazing Spider-Man #43

Status: Dated for 20 years

A screenshot of Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson holding onto each other as they fall off a building. Image used in the "Best Superhero Couples" blog post.
[Photo Credit: Marvel]

One of the best superhero pairs of all time, Spider-Man and Mary-Jane Watson tug at our heartstrings and play with our emotions.

The two meet on a blind date, where Peter Parker is stunned by her beauty and falls in love with her. He feels so comfortable with Mary-Jane that he even reveals his identity to her.

However, their love is put to test when Mephisto, Marvel’s demonic villain, threatens Aunt May. He then pressures Spider-man into making a decision that changes the course of his and MJ’s love story forever.

3. Cyclops And Jean Gray


  • Cyclops: Emits beams of energy from his eyes
  • Jean Gray: amplified telepathic abilities

First met: In 1963’s X-Men #1

Status: Married

A collage of screenshots showing Cyclops and Jean Gray side by side. Image used in the "Best Superhero Couples" blog post.​
[Photo Credits: Cyclops via Marvel and Jean Grey via Marvel]

The classic tale of Cyclops and Jean Gray will never get old. In our humble opinion, they are without a doubt, one of the best superhero couples ever.

The iconic couple first meet in X-Men the comic book and become smitten with each other. They are each other’s first loves. Everything goes smoothly for a second but then, Jean Gray turns to the dark side and becomes evil.

However, that’s not the end of the story.

Jean Gray redeems herself when she sacrifices her own life to save everyone else she cares for.

Now, that’s a true superhero!

On top of that, Cyclops dies a few times as well but was resurrected! It’s like this couple’s story is all about drama and tragedies. It goes to show that death has nothing on true love like this.

Despite the many ups and downs, frequent break-ups, and even their own deaths, their love story persists. Jean Gray returns and marries her true love after all.

Best DC Comics Superhero Couples

1. Superman And Lois Lane


  • Superman: Flying, super strength, super speed, super hearing, invulnerability, solar flare, turning diamonds into coal
  • Lois Lane: Doesn’t have any superpowers

First met: In 1938’s Action Comics

Status: Married; they have a son named Jon

A screenshot of Superman holding Lois Lane while flying. Image used in the "Best Superhero Couples" blog post
[Photo Credit: DC Comics]

He’s a strong superhero who can fly, she’s an ordinary girl with a regular job.

Could they ever work out?

Superman and Lois Lane have completely different origins. The two meet when Superman saves Lois, a journalist who works for the Daily Planet, from a helicopter accident.

Lois immediately falls in love with him, but she is unaware of his dual identity and alter ego Clark Kent.

While Clark daydreams about Lois, she is enamored with the flying superhero. After a while of a complicated love triangle with Superman and his alter ego Clark Kent, Superman reveals his true identity to Lois so they can have their happily ever after.

Spoiler alert: Eventually, they have a son named Jon Kent, who also becomes a superhero. Superman even gives up his powers to be with her so if that’s not true love, what is?

2. Batman And Catwoman


  • Batman: genius-level intellect, absolute knowledge, echolocation, speed force connection, genie magic
  • Catwoman: expert burglar, speedy and agile

First met: In 1940’s Batman #1

Status: On-and-off relationship; briefly engaged

A collage of screenshots showing Batman and Catwoman. Image used in the "Best Superhero Couples" blog post.
[Photo Credits: DC Comics and DC Comics]

Most of us have heard stories where a girl falls for a bad guy, but this is that story in reverse.

Even though Batman has many love interests throughout the decades, none stand the test of time like Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman.

When Batman meets Catwoman, they’re on the opposite sides of the law. Perhaps that’s why this story is so appealing even today.

Catwoman is a criminal and Batman fights criminals. She’s a stunning thief with a whimsical persona and even the Dark Knight can’t resist her beauty. He is so smitten with her that he even considers becoming a king of crime by Catwoman’s side!

Even though Catwoman isn’t a superhero per se, she often acts as Batman’s ally and protects the people of Gotham. She is often described as an antihero — Catwoman is not evil but she also lacks some typical heroic attributes, such as a high moral code and heroism.

Another spoiler alert: Eventually, Joker — Batman’s arch-enemy messes up with her memory and erases all of her feelings for Batman.

Still, out of all the women Batman falls for over the years, Catwoman remains one of our favorites and one of the most iconic female comic book characters of all time.

3. The Flash And Iris


  • The Flash: Superhuman speed, aerokinesis and thermokinesis, interstellar travel, molecular acceleration
  • Iris: doesn’t have any superpowers

First met: In 1956’s Showcase #4

Status: On–and–off relationship; they have kids and grandkids

An image depicting The Flash holding Iris West. Image used in the "Best Superhero Couples" blog post.
[Photo Credit: DC Comics]

Cyclops and Jean Gray aren’t the only superhero couple who can overcome death and keep their love alive despite many hardships.

The crime reporter Iris and forensic scientist-turned high-speed superhero Barry have their fair share of troubles over the decades. The two meet at a crime scene and are friends for a while before their relationship gradually grows into a romance.

Spoiler: The couple is tragically separated when Iris gets killed by Professor Zoom. Fortunately, the two reunite when Iris’s parents place her consciousness into a new body after which the couple spends some time in the future.

One of the best superhero couples gave us generations of superheroes to look forward to. Their sons, Don and Dawn, as well as their grandchildren, all have supernatural powers.

Even though they’re frequently separated, this power couple always finds their way back to each other.

4. Black Canary And Green Arrow


  • Black Canary: Sonic scream (dubbed the Canary Cry)
  • Green Arrow: Master archer, peak physical and mental conditioning

First met: In 1969’s Justice League of America

Status: Married then divorced

An image showing Black Canary and Green Arrow riding on a bike as he shoots arrows. Image used in the "Best Superhero Couples" blog post.
[Photo Credit: DC Comics]

When speaking of great superhero couples, we can’t possibly omit this captivating duo.

Dinah, a.k.a. Black Canary, is powerful enough to rival even the greatest superheroes. Oliver Queen, a.k.a. Green Arrow, is a master archer and martial artist. Together, they are invincible.

Oliver falls swiftly in love with Dinah upon meeting her in the Justice League of America. Even though they are literally from different Earths, they start a life together when Dinah moves to Earth-Prime. At about the same time, she develops her superpower — the sonic scream.

Breakups and drama are what this couple is known for, and even though they eventually get married, the couple gets divorced soon after.

Still, we strongly believe that these two belong on the list of the greatest superhero couples. Don’t you?

Best LGBTQ+ Superhero Couples

Batwoman And The Question


  • Batwoman: Peak physical condition, a trained computer hacker
  • Renée Montoya: No superpowers

First Met: In 2006’s 52 #7

Status: Together

A collage of screenshots showing Batwoman and The Question. Image used in the "Best Superhero Couples" blog post.
[Photo Credits: DC Comics and DC Comics]

We end the list with one of our favorite LGBTQ+ superhero couples.

Renée Montoya, a.k.a The Question, is Gotham City’s detective who falls in love with Kate Kane — the modern-day Batwoman and a superhero who turns out to be Batman’s distant cousin.

These two characters hit it off immediately, but their relationship ends because Renée doesn’t feel comfortable embracing her true identity. Luckily, the two women reunite in the Batwoman: Rebirth series and this time, they are both on the same page.

Even though they met at the wrong time, Batwoman and The Question find their way back to each other when they’re both confident in who they are and ready to commit to a relationship.

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Who’s Your Favorite Superhero Couple?

Our list of superhero couples includes some of the most iconic love stories of all time. Their love transcends worlds and overcomes the greatest obstacles — even death!

They’ve given us romance, adventure, tragic break-ups, and unforgettable moments of joy.


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