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Meet The Marvels: What We Know About The Superheroines & The Movie

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Meet The Marvels!

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Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel and Monica Rambeau are among the strongest and most powerful superheroines from the Marvel universe.

This majestic trio will appear in the upcoming movie called The Marvels, which is scheduled for a November 10, 2023 release.

We’ll explore the origin stories of all three superheroines, along with their powers, their strengths and what makes them as special and strong as they are.

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Who Are The Marvels? 

The Marvels are Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel and Monica Rambeau. 

The three superheroines are the stars of the upcoming movie, The Marvels — a highly-anticipated sequel to Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, Avengers: Endgame, WandaVision and Secret Invasion. 

If you’ve seen Captain Marvel, then you’re probably wondering what will happen next with the fearless Carol Danvers. (Just a heads up — we might share a spoiler or two in the next paragraph, so if you haven’t watched the movie, pause for some popcorn and a flick, then come back to finish reading!)  

In the movie, Danvers turnes against the Kree and the Supreme Intelligence, leaves the Kree military and sides with the Skrulls. The movie ends with her helping the Skrulls find a new home.  

The Marvels will see Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel and Monica Rambeau unite to discover why they’re swapping places whenever they use their powers. 

Before the movie comes out and we see the three superheroines together on screen, let’s get to know them better individually! 

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Introducing Captain Marvel 

Powers: Flight, superhuman strength, healing 

Nature: Human-turned-Kree hybrid 

Team: Avengers 

Carol Danvers soars from the comics to the big screen with these looks. ?

— Captain Marvel (@captainmarvel) October 10, 2020

Carol Susan Jane Danvers, a.k.a., Captain Marvel, is one of the most powerful female comic book characters 

Her character, created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Gene Colan, first appeared in Marvel Super-Heroes #13 in March 1968. 

Danvers is from Boston.  

In some comics, she’s 100% human, whereas, in some more recent storylines, she’s depicted as a half-human half-Kree, with a Kree mother who was a captain of the Kree army. 

Danvers originally worked as a United States Air Force officer and then was employed by NASA. She became the Head of Security at the Kennedy Space Center.  

While at NASA, Danvers’ path crossed with Captain Mar-Vell — a Kree who wanted to spy on NASA and lead his race into a war against the humans. 

Captain Mar-Vell impersonated Dr. Lawson and worked alongside Danvers. 

At one point while they were at the space station, a Kree device called Psyche-Magnitron exploded. Danvers was caught in the explosion and was exposed to radiation from the device.  

As a result, her DNA was fused with Captain Mar-Vell’s, and that gave her superhuman power, strength and speed 

She became Ms. Marvel and started fighting alongside the Avengers, but her character found herself in a lot of trouble over the years. 

She was a victim of Marcus, Immortus’ son.  

Danvers even became an alcoholic at one point after everything she had been through and went with Tony Stark to an alcoholics anonymous meeting.  

In 2012 though, she finally took the mantle of Captain Marvel! 

As Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers has gained numerous powers and abilities 

She has: 

  • The ability to fly at tremendous speeds 
  • The power to manipulate energy 
  • A “seventh sense” that allows her flash recognition 
  • The ability to heal fast
  • Superhuman strength
  • The power to absorb energy 

Captain Marvel is also a master pilot, a terrific fighter and she has extensive knowledge of advanced technology.  

In the Captain Marvel movie (spoilers incoming!), Carol Danvers has cosmic powers which she gained after being exposed to the energy of the Tesseract 

She’s a superheroine that forges her own path and can go toe to toe with just about any man.  

In the movie, she loses all of her memories and becomes a member of Starforce — the elite military of the Kree empire, led by the evil Yon-Rogg. 

In Starforce, Danvers is known as Verse and she believes that’s her name.  

But when she finds herself on Earth during the Skrull-Kree war, she begins to remember her past thanks to Nick Fury, former director of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Maria Rambeau, her best friend and a former United States Air Force pilot and founder of S.W.O.R.D. (the Sentient Weapon Observation and Response Division, a counterterrorist and intelligence agency).  

Danvers realizes that Yan-Rogg has been manipulating her and lying to her. As we mentioned earlier, she learns that the Skrull are simply looking for a new home, and she decides to go to space with them and help them.  

In the post-credits scene of the Ms. Marvel season one finale, we see Captain Marvel change places with Kamala Khan, setting up the stage for the plot of The Marvels! 

Introducing Ms. Marvel 

Powers: Elasticity, energy manipulation, superhuman strength 

Nature: Inhuman / Mutant 

Team: Avengers 

Experience the epic Marvel moment you’ve been waiting for ⚡️

All episodes of #MsMarvel, an Original series from Marvel Studios, are now streaming on @DisneyPlus.

— Ms. Marvel⚡ (@msmarvel) July 15, 2022

The second member of The Marvels team is Kamala Khan.  

She’s the current incarnation of Ms. Marvel and the lead protagonist of the Ms. Marvel series on Disney+. 

She first appeared alongside Captain Marvel in Captain Marvel #14 in July 2013 and then got her own solo series named Ms. Marvel in 2014. 

Kamala Khan is Marvel’s first Muslim character of South Asian American origin with her own comic book series. She’s a Pakistani-American teenager from Jersey City, New Jersey. 

Kamala is a huge fan of the Avengers — especially Captain Marvel 

Her room is decorated with artwork of Carol Danvers and she used to dream of becoming a superhero on her own. 

Kamala gains her powers after the Infinity storyline, in which the Avengers leave the Earth to fight against the Builders — the oldest race in the universe, who threatens to destroy the Earth. With the Avengers away, Thanos takes his shot at conquering the Earth.  

As an Inhuman, Kamala has dormant powers that she wasn’t even aware of.  

When Thanos invaded the Earth, the Inhuman king, Black Bolt, activated the Terrigen Bomb and covered the planet with huge amounts of Terrigen Mist 

The Terrigen Mist is a mysterious and mutagenic substance that causes everyone with Inhuman genes to develop their powers.  

In the comics, Kamala was exposed to the mist which gave her the power to impossibly stretch and extend her arms and legs and twist her body. 

Since Captain Marvel has always been someone she admired, Kamala takes on the name Ms. Marvel in honor of Carol Danvers. By the way, Carol Danvers was the first Ms. Marvel in the comics. 

Kamala’s costume includes a highly elastic red and blue outfit, which kind of looks like Captain Marvel’s classic costume. In the series, she also wears a gold bangle on her wrist, which is a part of her family heritage.  

In fact, the bangle gives Kamala her powers in the series, since she doesn’t have the shapeshifting abilities in the show.  

The bangle activates her powers and allows her to extract Noor — a powerful energy that comes from the Noor Dimension. With the bangle, she can project super powerful constructs of cosmic energy 

In the series, Kamala is a mutant — the first one in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At the end of season one, as we mentioned, we see her swap places with Captain Marvel, and we’re eager to watch The Marvels to find out what happens next with the two superheroines! 

Introducing Monica Rambeau 

Powers: Energy absorption, traveling at the speed of light, flying through objects 

Nature: Human mutant 

Team: Avengers 

The first look at Monica Rambeau in her superhero suit from #TheMarvels:

— MCU Source (@MCUSource) February 17, 2023

The third and final member of The Marvels is Monica Rambeau. 

She first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16 in October 1982.  

She was introduced as the second Captain Marvel and has gone through several aliases in the comics, including Photon, Pulsar, and Spectrum.  

She was the first black superhero to join the Avengers 

As for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we first met Monica as the daughter of Maria Rambeau. 

She appeared as a child in Captain Marvel. She has a good relationship with carol Danvers and refers to her as “auntie Carol,” while Danvers calls her “Lieutenant Trouble.” 

Like Danvers, Monica is fascinated by flying.  

We next saw Rambeau in WandaVision. (Just so you know, the following paragraphs will contain spoilers!) 

Years after Carol Danvers went away with the Skrulls to help them find a new planet for them, Monica followed in her mother’s footsteps. She became a captain in the U.S. Air Force and she also joined S.W.O.R.D 

In the meantime, her mother, Maria, got cancer. One day, as Monica is waiting for her mother to get treatment, she falls asleep and doesn’t wake up due to Thanos’ Snap, which sees him kill half of humanity. 

Five years later, Monica is resurrected, unaware of what has happened.  

She realizes that her mother has passed away and that she herself was dead for five years.  

Monica returns to work as a S.W.O.R.D. agent, and she begins to investigate weird events happening in the city of Westview, New Jersey. 

She realizes that Wanda has created a field, i.e. a “Hex” around Westview 

Monica’s exposure to Wanda’s energy field begins to transform her cells. She gains new powers and abilities, including spectral vision, invisibility, energy absorption (hence her eyes turning blue) and the ability to fly through objects 

Monica turns into Photon/Spectrum and helps protect the citizens of Westview.  

She then decides to go to space, and it’s possible that she’ll meet Captain Marvel or Ms. Marvel there — we’ll see how her story will develop in The Marvels! 

What We Know So Far About The Marvels Movie 

The Marvels is scheduled for a November 10, 2023 release 

We can’t wait to find out why Carol Danvers, Kamala Khan and Monica Rambeau swap places with each other whenever they use their powers.  

We can only presume that this has something to do with Kamala’s bangle, which perhaps acts as a Nega Band 

Nega Bands are ancient relics used by the Kree that allow the wearer to tap into the “Negative Zone” — a parallel universe filled with antimatter. 

Captain Marvel wore Nega Bands in the comics and used them to swap places with Rick Jones, the Hulk’s friend and sidekick, so it’s possible that this detail will be included in the movie. 

Aside from the superheroines, Nick Fury will also appear in The Marvels. 

We know that he’s been secretly working with the Skrulls in outer space (we saw it in the post-credits scene of Spider-Man: Far From Home), so it’s going to be interesting to see how he’ll be involved with the Marvels.  

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