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The Top 5 Corniest Superhero Costumes of All Time

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By Scott Humphrey

We all know that there are many characters and costumes throughout the history of comics that can fall into the category of corny, but we’re talking about CORNIEST here.  This is the list to top all lists.  Now this may or may not jive with your sense of superhero style, but hey, to each his own.

Now, there are many well-known get-ups that should very well be on this list, and there will be one or two, but I want to expand the horizons a bit and look at some of the T.V. and film characters out there, and the funktastic fashions that make you go “hmmmm”.

# 5 – Robin (Burt Ward)

Batman and Robin

Right off the bat, hehe, we have to include possibly the most effeminate superhero costume ever created.  Burt Ward’s Robin was clad in a constricting yet colorful ensemble that consisted of a gold belt, with no function, a strikingly gold cape, a green short sleeved onesie, a red vest with yellow stitches, and a pair of nylons that your grandmother wouldn’t even wear.  Batman should be on here too, but Robin definitely takes the cake and eats it here.

#4 – The Fighting Yank

The Fighting Yank

Yes, this is a real “superhero”.  The Fighting Yank came up during the Golden Age of comics, after Superman and Captain America, as a part of the superheroes that were representing America’s values.  I think at this point they were getting a bit lazy though.  What about colonial era garb did the designers feel was superhero worthy?  The George Washington hat and one buckle shoes are just…….yeah.

# 3 – Electro


OK, technically Electro is a villain, but you’ll have to forgive me.  First of all, where did he get the mask?  I mean, it looks like he fell face first on my Christmas tree star.  This is perhaps the most glaring aspect of what is a subtle, yet horrendous mess.  Actually, we don’t really need to go further than the mask, but the lightning bolts to the crotch is a bit too much.  Look at me, I’m an evil Christmas tree! Hopefully they don’t make Jamie Foxx do this in the new Amazing Spiderman movie.

# 2 – Lion-O


Hi, I’m Lion-O, I put this wonderful armless, legless onesie with a bare midriff together all by myself.  Come on people, nothing says superhero like a cat-man wearing an azure onesie from the kids department.  I mean, really.  At least he’s going with the no nylons look, and with those legs you really have to.

# 1 – He-Man


Holy hairy speedo, He-Man! Yup, that about sums it up.  OK, there’s also the totally unnecessary iron cross chest piece he’s got going here, but if we’re being honest with ourselves here, and I’d like to think that we are; the overwhelming focus is on the hairy speedo.  Let’s also not forget the matching boots…..fierce!

Sorry folks, I’m pretty sure He-Man just ruined the internet, or maybe he made it fantastically awesome, the choice is yours.  Game over everybody, thanks for coming out.

Scott Humphrey is a digital marketing specialist and writer for Blue Fountain Media.  He has also written for a variety of online magazines, blogs, and websites on many different topics.  When he is not stalking the internet for comic book and superhero material, he is intently focused on being awesome.


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