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#1 Tip for Writing Comic Books, by Star Wars Writers

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When it comes to making your own comic book, you’ve got to stand on the shoulders of giants. We take advice from the big guys who made it before us, and apply it to our own creative efforts and production schedule.

So when we heard about the Star Wars tweet chat hosted by @DarkHorseComics, we marked it in our calendars. Here was a chance to ask questions directly to the creators of one of the best selling digital comic books of all time!! We watched them chat with fans about the Empire storyline, what it’s like to recreate the incredibly epic classic and the creative process in general.

Here were our favorite pearls of wisdom gleaned from the chat. Notice a trend in the answers?

Star Wars tweet chat
Star Wars tweet chat

One of the most important but hardest things about any creative endeavor is to stay productive and stick to the schedule. Star Wars comic writer Corinna Bechko hit the nail on the head when she said how waiting around for inspiration to strike is a luxury that professional comic book writers (and professional artists in general) don’t have.

On the other end, the artwork always be tweaked, the captions can be snappier and the layouts can be adjusted. It’s easy to get stuck in an editing loop. But at the end of the day, it’s having a great story, strong characters and talented artists who deliver material on time. So it was definitely inspiring to read this coming from someone working on such a huge smash hit like the Star Wars digital series!

We were also flattered to have writer @gabrielhardman respond to one of our questions:

Star Wars tweet chat

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