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Top 10 Creepiest Comic Book Characters
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These are the ultimate misfits. Some of these were chosen for their appearance, others for their behavior. (It’s like a list of the “problem children” in class, if that list included the weird looking kids too. Which it usually did.) Most of these comic book characters use their powers for evil, but there’s a few sob stories thrown in for good measure – good guys with weird personal backgrounds that led them to their current state. Enjoy!

Creepiest Comic Book Characters:


10. Dr. Doom

Anyone who was an inspiration for Darth Vader is categorically creepy. And anyone who refers to themselves in the third person is DEFINITELY creeper material. His life’s mission is to kill the Fantastic Four, and creates Doombot clone robots to do the dirty-work. Plus he’s believed by many to be the most dangerous of all Marvel villains.

Dr Doom


9. The Penguin

We have memories as kids of being totally creeped out by this guy. Oswald Cobblepot, a.k.a., the Penguin, is one sharp and twisted cookie. An attempt to murder all first-born infants in Gotham City, AND a mouth full of blackened teeth? Yuck.

the penguin


8. Itachi from Naruto

If this guy points at you, you die. If that weren’t enough, his left eye has the power of Tsukoyomi, which is used to trap an opponent’s mind in a parallel world. Oh and his right eye can burn anything. Japanese manga is pretty wacktastic.



7. Deadpool

One of the more mysterious Marvel characters, the “Merc with a Mouth” has a shady back-story with inconsistencies galore. He suffered from severe bodily disfigurement caused by an acceleration of cancerous tumors. He may have been Wade Wilson originally – but this varies in different versions of the comic. Just his name is kinda disturbing, let alone what’s prob lurking under that mask.



6. Authority

This group took over the United States in 3 days. Definitely hardcore, definitely creepy.

The Authority Comic Book Characters


5. Brainiac

A classic super-villain  and chief enemy of Superman. He possesses a “12th-level intellect”, and boy does he make use of it. He’s a master of knowledge and technology, with the power to manipulate computer systems, transfer his consciousness and replicate himself.


4. Pietro and Wanda Maximoff

Twin children of Magneto, this brother-sister pair ultimately became Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch…annnnd romantically involved. Yup. Incest earns you major creepy points.

Wanda and Pietro X Men

3. Carnage

“Born to Kill” is a description that actually applies to this guy. Formerly Cletus Kasady (a creepy name, by the way), he pushed his own grandma down the stairs as a child, and burned an entire orphanage before becoming a serial murderer. The creepiest part? He thinks everyone wants to kill, but he’s the only one with the guts to do it.



2. The Violator

So the oldest demon from Hell disguised as a massively overweight, balding middle-aged man. Yeah…this guy belongs pretty high on this list. John Leguizamo’s depiction in the 1997 Spawn flick totally did “The Clown” justice. In a creepy, comic way.

The Violator


1. Sleeper

Holder Carver is injected with some kind of weird alien thing that gives him the ability to transfer pain onto someone else, through skin contact. Oh and Tom Cruise wants to star as him in a movie version of this sorta underground comic from 2004. Transferable pain, a relatively obscure comic book, and Tom Cruise?! Boom! #1.

Tom Cruise as Holder Carver in Sleeper

That just about does it!

Challenge: Name a creepier comic book character than these. If you’re not so creeped out after reading this list you just want to go play a nice game of tennis or plant some flowers or something.

You can always curl up with a definitely NON-creepy comic book like Biowars for example.


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