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10 Facts about Free Comic Book Day
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With just 120 days to go, it’s time to explore just what Free Comic Book Day is all about — and how we can get our grubby hands on as many free comics as possible.

Here’s the low-down on this sacred and cherished American tradition, including a look back at how it all began, who makes it all possible, and which superheroes you can take home with you free of charge this year.


10 Facts About Free Comic Book Day


1. The 1st Free Comic Book Day was in 2002. It was founded by comic book retailer Joe “FlyCoJoe” Field.

2. It’s always on the 1st Saturday in May (This year it’s Saturday, May 4th!)

3. Since 2002, FCBD has given out more than 23 million free comics, to around 6.5 million fans. WOW!

4. The purpose is to celebrate the comic book industry – especially independent comics. It’s a pretty straightforward way to promote the medium, and to get new customers and fans.

5. Any shop can participate, and more and more do as the event grows in popularity each year.

6. Here’s the official Free Comic Book Day Store Locator – use it to find participating stores near you.

7. The number of free comic books per person depends on each store’s policy.

8. The 2013 list of titles was announced this week in January’s issue of PREVIEWS magazine, published by Diamond Comic Distributors.

9. The whole thing is a joint effort by:

  • publishers (Marvel, DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics, etc.) who sell their comics and graphic novels, to:
  • retailers (indie comic book shops) who foot the bill, and:
  • distributor (Diamond Comics) who handles the event sponsorship, marketing and PR

10. It’s a great excuse to get dressed up like your favorite superhero…and many fans bask in the sheer excitement of the day!

So support your local indie comic retailer and get ready for this year’s Free Comic Book Day! As a free comic ourselves, Biowars wholly supports it!


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