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Sensurian In The Third Dimension — December 25, 2023
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3D design of Sensurian.

Check out the mighty Sensurian in third dimension!

Hello, everyone,

Lately, the BIOWARS creative lab has been busy creating 3D designs of the BIOWARS comic book characters.

The latest character to join the 3D squad is Sensurian — a vibrant messenger cell from the BIOCOSMOS:

Sensurian in 2D and 3D.
Look at the vibrant Sensurian in both 2D and 3D!

She travels at the speed of thought and can protect herself with bouts of electricity, and the 3D design highlights her ability to move swiftly as well as her mercurial nature.

Just look at those colors and the richness the realm of three dimensions ensures!

Biowars comic book
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