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Messenger Cell
Protector of the BIOCOSMOS.
Vibrant, passionate, mercurial.
  • Can cross the BIOCOSMOS at the speed of thought by way of the Nervous System.
  • Carries messages from the Council of the Mind to BIOWARRIORS, alerting them of infected areas.
  • Able to defend herself with blasts of electricity.
Sensurian 2

Sensurian Profile

Sensurian is an agent of the Central Nervous System, relaying messages between the Council of the Mind and the immune system’s BIOWARRIORS. It’s an important job, as swift and accurate communication about enemy troop movements and command strategy is vital to the survival of the Cosmos.

Crackling with energy, she travels the electric highways of nerve fibers at blinding speeds and exults in it. She feels lucky to have seen every marvel there is to see, from the pulsing Central Core to the Thalamic Chamber itself. She’s witty, a fast talker with little patience for anyone who’s too downbeat. Only one thing has ever given Sensurian a moment’s pause — love.

From the moment they first met, Sensurian’s been drawn to the B-Cell Commander — Blastor. She’s never been sure why; his brooding personality is in stark contrast to her exuberance, and their differing roles make a relationship impossible. Nevertheless, she finds herself thinking of him often. Love, she thinks, is a phenomenon that makes no sense in the BIOCOSMOS, yet it can’t be denied.

Sensurian is sometimes a target of invading forces. But she can take care of herself, either by outrunning her enemies or zapping them with a burst of electricity.

autonomic vs somatic nervous system hero image
Nervous system is comprised of autonomic and somatic nervous systems.

Nervous System

Brain is the most complex organ and the supreme commander that rules the human body.

nerve cell
Neurons are the building blocks of the nervous system.

Messenger Nerve Cell

A neuron is a messenger cell and the primary building block of your central and peripheral nervous systems.

what is neuron
Nervous system regulates the activities of the body.

Autonomic vs. Somatic Nervous System

The nervous system is divided into two main components:

  1. Central Nervous System (CNS)
  2. Peripheral Nervous System (PNS)

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BIOWARS characters


Mutated Bacterium

Invasive pathogen, dire threat to the BIOCOSMOS.


BIOWARS characters


T-Cell Lymphocyte

An Intelligence Agent whose specialty is analysis and strategy.

Alpha 1

BIOWARS characters


Messenger Cell

An agent of the Central Nervous System that travels at the speed of thought.

Sensurian 2

BIOWARS characters



Scathe is one of the BIOCOSMOS’ most ferocious defenders.


BIOWARS characters


T-Cell Lymphocyte

Gamma-9 possesses the ability to analyze and isolate the origin of an infection.

Gamma 9

BIOWARS characters


Z-Kron Bacterium

Genetically enhanced bacterium that carries a deadly virus within.


BIOWARS characters


Fibroblast Medic BIOWARRIOR

Weaves healing webs that mend tissue damaged in battle.

sutura final

BIOWARS characters


Natural Killer Cell

Uses genetic scanners to reveal viruses hiding within any life form.

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