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Council Of The Mind

Supreme Neuron Cells
Protectors of the BIOCOSMOS.
Enigmatic, highly intelligent, mystical.
  • Possess the mystifying power to process subconscious thoughts received in the form of energy from The Host’s mind.
  • Collectively they strategize and in one voice command actions to Messenger Nerve Cells, who race off to communicate this information to every corner of the BIOCOSMOS.
  • They are in touch with the health of the Cosmos and can feel a threat before The Host may be aware of it.
Council of the mind

Council Of The Mind Profile

There is a place in the Cosmos where only Messenger Cells are permitted, a place of myth and whispered legends, where dwell eight mystical beings whose nature is beyond the understanding of mere BIOWARRIORS — the Thalamic Chamber. It is there, between the twin pulsing hemispheres of the brain, that the Council of the Mind eternally hovers in a rotating circle.

Nobody knows where they came from, or if they ever die in the manner other cells do. What is known is that they and they alone are privy to “The Will of the Cosmos.”

It is the Council’s role to interpret this constant stream of information and translate it into messages that can be relayed throughout the Universe by Messenger Cells like Sensurian.

They inspire awe. But do they feel it? Do they know fear, or anger, or love? None can say, for even Messenger Cells scarcely dare to do more than glance at them. They are keepers of secrets, and none is greater than what it means to be one of them.

what is neuron
Neurons are messengers or communication channels in the body.

Messenger Nerve Cell

Neurons carry signals, or messages, between different parts of the body, such as the brain, spinal cord and various organs.

nerve cell
Nerve cells the cell body, dendrites and an axon.

Nerve Cells

Nerve cells are responsible for transmitting electrical signals and carrying information throughout the body.

autonomic vs somatic nervous system hero image
Nervous system is made up of neurons and supporting cells called neuroglia or glial cells.

Nervous system

Neurons and glial cells form the complex and intricate structure of the nervous system.

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BIOWARS characters


Mutated Bacterium

Invasive pathogen, dire threat to the BIOCOSMOS.


BIOWARS characters


T-Cell Lymphocyte

An Intelligence Agent whose specialty is analysis and strategy.

Alpha 1

BIOWARS characters


Messenger Cell

An agent of the Central Nervous System that travels at the speed of thought.

Sensurian 2

BIOWARS characters



Scathe is one of the BIOCOSMOS’ most ferocious defenders.


BIOWARS characters


T-Cell Lymphocyte

Gamma-9 possesses the ability to analyze and isolate the origin of an infection.

Gamma 9

BIOWARS characters


Z-Kron Bacterium

Genetically enhanced bacterium that carries a deadly virus within.


BIOWARS characters


Fibroblast Medic BIOWARRIOR

Weaves healing webs that mend tissue damaged in battle.

sutura final

BIOWARS characters


Natural Killer Cell

Uses genetic scanners to reveal viruses hiding within any life form.

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