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Biowarrior Spotlight: Alpha-1
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An Intelligence Agent specializing in analysis and strategy, the Biowarriors look toward Alpha-1 when it’s time to figure out where an infection started. Like his fellow T-Cells (such as Gamma-9), he’s based in one of countless Lymph node satellites scattered across the Biocosmos. The brains of the operation, his most important skill is strategizing battle plans and coordinating the Biowarriors’ assaults on the pathogens.

He has the remarkable ability to analyze the remains of pathogens defeated in battle to hone in on the exact nature of their threat. By doing this, he’s able to formulate effective plans to counter hostile invasions. He stores all of this information in an index for future battles, sorting through every movement made by every enemy to determine their next likely course of action.


To his Biowarrior cohorts, Alpha-1 comes across as aloof and maybe even a little self-important. The truth is, he’s so caught up in his duties, so fascinated by the varied life forms he must study, that he almost forgets he’s in the presence of others. In the end, maybe it’s for the best; the Biowars isn’t an existence that lends itself to enduring friendships. But if push came to shove, he’d gladly sacrifice himself for the good of the Universe and the BioWarriors who utilize his intelligence on a daily basis.

Unlike Blastor or Sensurian, Alpha-1 may not have personal or emotional issues, and he doesn’t create drama through his actions. He’s a Biowarrior, through and through, and has no time to spend caught up in the petty details of life in the Biocosmos. His one true passion and calling is the study of life as it exists, and if there’s one person who may have a hint of the world outside of their host, Alex Hawking, it’s Alpha-1. But what he will do with that information once he has proof, we’ve yet to see.

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