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Biowarrior Spotlight: Blastor
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A brilliant strategist. A fearless combatant. The toughest Biowarrior in the Biocosmos. If you were a microbe, Blastor is the last person you’d want to see.

With every day and every battle, Blastor has to come to terms with the big questions facing him and all his warriors: how do you lead an army when you can never be assured of victory? How do you inspire warriors who will never fight their way to peace?


If you think of it in his terms, it makes sense that Blastor is so gruff. He feels personally responsible for the lives of not only his soldiers, but for everyone who calls the Biocosmos home. That’s a lot to carry on his shoulders, and the strain of the commitment can make him tough to be around.

Some may call him closed off because he’s only ever allowed himself to become close to a handful of friends. Chief among them is the beautiful Sensurian, whose love Blastor may never be able to reciprocate. No one has quite figured out why, but there is something about him that captured her long ago. She doesn’t understand it herself, but her feelings for him are there.

Blastor may never know peace, he may never stop fighting, and he may never know love, but he is totally committed to protecting his universe and the people inside it, and that’s what makes him a formidable ally.

To learn more about Sensurian, take a look at her Biowarrior Spotlight.


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