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Biowarrior Spotlight: Sensurian
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She crackles with electricity, shoots across the central nervous system at the speed of thought, and depending on your allegiance, she’s either a powerful ally or a fearsome foe. Sensurian may not be your go-to when sending warriors to the front lines (that business is for Blastor), but she’s essential in her role as the messenger of the Biocosmos.

Sensurian Biowars

The Biowarrior equivalent of a Signal Corps officer, Sensurian provides immediate and accurate updates about Microbe and Mutant troop movement, and relays ingenious command strategy to her friends on the battlefield. But don’t make the mistake of assuming this softy-at-heart is a soft fighter—when she doesn’t feel like zipping away and making you look foolish, she’ll ward you off with blasts of harrowing electricity.

She’s nimble, bright, and sincere, and always frank about her emotions. If she loves you or hates you, you’ll know it, and Blastor certainly knows it. No one can quite figure out how the brooding brute captured her heart, but love is her one weakness, and she has plenty of it for him. Whether he’ll ever return it remains to be seen, but there’s something about him she can’t shake, and she spends her little personal time thinking of him and wondering how he feels about her. She knows love is something that serves no purpose in the Biocosmos, but she isn’t one to deny the way she feels.

Sensurian has seen everything there is to see within the Biocosmos, and feels lucky to have experienced it. But with the growing threat on the horizon, she stays focused, ready to serve her cause.

Take a look at Sensurian in action in issue one of Biowars.


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