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How to Launch a Kickstarter Campaign for a Comicbook
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Sometimes, you need money to make projects happen. Sometimes, those projects are comic books. And sometimes, an article gets published at just the right time to help you make this happen. That time is now, and the original article is ComicVine’s interview with Jimmy Palmiotti, renowned comic creator who’s launched over 3 successful Kickstarter campaigns.

Do the Work In Advance

Have enough of your project already created and underway. It’s a lot easier to raise funds if you’ve got something to show early investors. Not only does it pique interest and excitement for the actual comic, it demonstrates how dedicated you are to getting the thing off the ground. It says, “We’re serious about it, we’ve got passion and interest – and you can be part of this!” Palmiotti actually suggests delivering the final product and pledge rewards within 3 months of listing the project on Kickstarter. Basically – have as much done as possible.

Involve Your Audience

Creating something written and designed well is key. What’s golden is making the process interactive. Letting the audience decide what the cover image should look like, what characters’ names should be, things like that are highly effective ways to build emotional investment in your project. Allow people to feel involved and included in your creative process, and they’re more likely to support it.

Offer Promotional Material

As your campaign runs, offering shorter-term incentives like original artwork, signed prints, Google Hangouts with the creators, etc. is a great way to drum up buzz and earn extra funds in the process. The key here is to offer something you can’t find anywhere else. Sneak-peak, exclusive material is a way to tease early fans and show appreciation for their support. Give out pre-ordered packages at ComicCon or some other opportune event, for some good, old-fashioned offline customer engagement.

Be Reasonable in Your Goal

Ask for what you really need to get your project funded. Asking for 1 million dollars makes you look (1) greedy, (2) unrealistic. The best Kickstarter campaigns are thrown by serious, trustworthy and reliable creators who deliver on time and pay supporters promptly.

Stay Brave and Carry On

“Everything worth having has risk involved. Play it safe and fade away.” Palmiotti ended his interview with these pearls of wisdom. He’s speaking from decades of experience and success that only comes from taking risks, putting yourself out there and making things happen. Thanks Jimmy! Read his full ComicVine interview here.

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