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The Science Behind Biowars
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With new digital comic book pages unlocked weekly and a consistently growing fan base, we wanted to outline the science behind the plot of Biowars for our existing fans as well as those that may be new to the scene. Our writers and artists continue to expand the Biowars world, and with various characters, roles, and powers, we’ve outlined a broad overview to keep you up to date. 

Biowarriors are the warrior cells of the immune system, which protect vitality of Biocosmos (Similar to that of white blood cells in the human body, but cooler).

So, how do these Biowarriors work to maintain awareness of a pathogen invasion to the immune system?

T-cells, the immune system’s intelligence agents, analyze information received from the council of the mind, which dissemates the constant stream of messages from the subconscious mind through the BioCosmic Universe, preparing them for that is ahead.

The host is unaware that the Council of the Mind even exists, as it works in a subconscious state.

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Once an invasion is detected, Messenger cells travel from the Council of the mind to deliver the message of invasion to prepare the Biowarriors team for battle. The team is made up of many warriors, with varying skills and capabilities that unite to protect the BioCosmos.

Macrophages, the Immune System’s aggressively relentless warriors, battle to overcome even the most serious of all pathogens.

The advanced Biowarriors, better known as B-cells, have the ability to clone up to 7 times, enhancing their numbers astronomically in a short period of time to prepare them for the battle against the pathogens. Following a successful battle, these clones disseminate, leaving only the original version of the B-cell, until next time.

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If injured, Fibroblasts kick in to mend any damaged tissue and Biowarriors themselves.

All Biowarriors have an important role in protecting the life and health of the BioCosmos.


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