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It Takes Four to Fight! Fantastic Four vs. Hulk
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Fantastic Four vs Hulk

The unimaginable power of the Hulk is far too great for most single heroes to withstand, so the Fantastic Four have decided to use their combined might to intercept the Hulk on his latest rampage. You can read more about the Hulk in his previous battle on our blog here, in which he faced off against the Man of Steel.

Fantastic Four: Marvel's First Family

After losing funding for his experimental starship, Reed Richards and his close friends clandestinely took the craft into space on their own. While in orbit, the four astronauts were bombarded with cosmic rays, causing strange mutations when they returned to Earth. Reed now had the ability to stretch and contort his body into astounding shapes, Sue Storm gained the power to turn invisible (and later create invisible force fields that can be used as shields or to cause objects to explode from the inside out), Johnny Storm became the pyrokinetic Human Torch, and Ben Grimm was transformed into the super-strong and rocky-hided Thing.

Hulk is The Strongest One There Is!

The Hulk is the strongest one there is. The Green Goliath’s strength and invulnerability both increase exponentially in relation to his anger. The Hulk also possesses superhuman healing abilities, and in the rare case that Bruce Banner remains in control, genius-level intellect.

Can Marvel’s First Family take down the Jade Giant, or will the nigh-omnipotent Hulk prevail against Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and Thing?

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