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The Top 15 Weapons in Comic Books
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To be a superhero it is essential to have the right gear. Over the years, comic books have been a source of weapons ranging from the incredible to the mundane. To showcase some of the more powerful, interesting weaponry in comic book universe, BioWars has created a list of the top 15 weapons we hope we’re never to be on the wrong side of.

Martial Arts

  1. Martial Arts

From Batman to Iron Fist, Martial Arts are equal parts destructive and incredible spectacles. Martial Arts might not have the intensity of a blade, but in the right hands, can be used to neutralize opponents and ensure peace is kept.


  1. Elektra’s Sais

Ninjas. They are undoubtedly one of the coolest concepts to ever be explored in comic books. Leader of The Hand, Elektra Natchios, has access to martial arts, swords, throwing daggers, and much, much more. Despite having her own personal arsenal, Elektra prefers to do battle up close with her signature sais. Utilizing these dagger based weapons, Elektra has single handedly taken down hero and villain alike.

Web Shooter

  1. Spider-Man’s Web Shooters

Some of the best weapons weren’t made for the purpose of being weapons at all. Spider-Man’s web shooters are perfect examples of this. Originally created for the utility of getting from Point A to Point B, Spider-Man ultimately found his web shooters to be equally effective for trapping, pulling, and disarming his enemies.

Eye of Agamotto

  1. Doctor Strange’s Eye of Agamotto

Sometimes, the most powerful weapons come in small packages. The Eye of Agamotto, no bigger than a pendant you would wear around your neck, grants its wearer unbelievable mystical abilities. Currently held by Marvel’s Doctor Strange, the Eye has given the hero the power to protect himself and others time, and time again.

Joker's Venom

  1. Joker’s Venom

During difficult times, the best way to deal with problems is with laughter. In the case of Joker Venom, this couldn’t be truer. Dubbed the “Clown Prince of Crime” of the DC Universe, the Joker’s “Joker Venom” is his calling card. Once exposed to the venom, victims experience a deadly case of laughter, ending with a ghostly grin painted across their face and their demise.

Power Rings

  1. Power Rings (Lantern Corps)

For humans, emotions have are some of the strongest resources at our disposal. Whether we know it or not, our emotions are tools that are used to protect and serve us. Taking on a similar “protect and serve” role are DC’s Lantern Corps. The Lantern Corps is made up of seven smaller corps that each wield a unique power ring that gives their the user the ability to create constructs. Each individual ring runs off of a specific human emotion, ranging anywhere from rage, to love.


  1. Thor’s Mojinor

Any Norse God worth their spit needs a weapon that can strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. Thor’s Mojinor not only summons up fear in its enemies, but also can summon lightning to rain down from the skies. Mojinor also comes with a security system, allowing only people it deems worthy to pick it up.


  1. Wonder Woman’s Bracers

At face value, Wonder Woman’s bracers might come off as more of a costume choice, however once she starts to fight, her enemies quickly realize that her bracers are one of her strongest weapons her at her disposal. Wonder Woman is able to use her bracers to deflect projectiles, and, when used creatively, has even been able to use them for a concussive blast.

Lasso of Truth

  1. Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth

“The Truth Shall Set You Free.” This mantra especially holds true for anyone under the unfortunate hold of Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth. When bound by the rope, hero and villain alike are forced to speak nothing but truths. In addition to being an excellent tool for interrogation, Wonder Woman is also quite skilled in using her lasso as a means to grapple her enemies.

Helm of Nabu

  1. The Helm of Nabu

When there is big trouble, heroes know to call in the big guns. For the heroes of the DC Universe, this often means utilizing the Helm of Nabu. When a person wears the helmet, they are instantly transformed into Doctor Fate, one of strongest spellcasters throughout the magic community. Unfortunately, this ultimate power comes at a cost as some people are never able to remove  the helmet once they put it on.

Book of Eternity

  1. Destiny’s Book of Eternity

Without question, knowledge is power. Being able to learn from the past gives a hero advantages, but there is no greater advantage than knowing what the future has in store. For DC Comic’s Destiny, the future is nothing more than a chapter away. Holding everything that has, is, and will happen between it’s covers, the Book of Destiny can give readers insight to change reality itself. Held tightly by the hands of Destiny, few have had the opportunity to read from the book, and few ever will.

Utility Belt

  1. Batman’s Utility Belt

Equipped with everything from shark repellent, to a microcomputer, Batman’s Utility Belt comes with something for practically any situation. One of the best parts about the Utility belt is that since there is so much at Batman’s disposal at any given time, his enemies can never anticipate his tactics. Batman’s utility belt just goes to show how important it is to always be prepared.

Metal Claws

  1. Wolverine’s Admantium Claws

There are very few symbols of comic book culture that are as recognizable as Wolverine’s adamantium claws. Bound to his bone by a twisted experiment, Wolverine’s rage and claws are a deadly combination in any comic book universe.

Captain America's Shield

  1. Captain America’s Shield

Armed with a shield made from one of the strongest metals in the entire Marvel U, Captain America has taken down Nazis, aliens, and supervillains alike. While it may lack the finesse of more aggressively weapons, Captain America has learned to use his shield like a projectile, protect his allies, and deflect enemy projectiles. Truly, Captain America proves time and time again that the best offense is a great defense.

The Human Brain

  1. The Human Brain

What is the single weapon that has outmaneuvered the evil scheme after evil scheme? The simple answer is the human brain. No matter the case, each and every great hero has been able to outsmart their enemy, and save the day. This is one weapon you should never leave home without!


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