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The field general of the B-Cell Legion, one of the BioCosmic universe’s most advanced defense forces. Like other B-Cells, Blastor is protected by cyto-skeletal armor during battle, can create up to seven short-lived clones of himself, and is equipped with forearm-mounted antibody cannons. He’s a brilliant strategist, loyal friend, and is stubborn beyond measure.

Blood Cell

Oval shaped cells that circulate through the torrential circulatory pipelines that run throughout the BioCosmos, delivering life-sustaining oxygen to the body’s tissues. They are so crucial to the Universe’s survival that over two million of them are produced per second.

Camouflage Inducer

A high-tech instrument utilized by The Combine operatives to generate temporary holograms that disguise their appearance. When Janice Lee witnesses a Combine Agent activate his camouflage inducer, it convinces her that Alex Hawking may be telling the truth about his ordeal.


A term that describes any cell corrupted by the malignant touch of Omni Cells such as Carcin, and which replicate and spread uncontrollably. Clusters of cancerous cells result in tumors and represent perhaps the ultimate threat to the survival of the BioCosmos.


Once, he was just a humble Messenger Cell named Nero. When he defied orders and tried to battle Viron alone, he was simultaneously infected and bathed in X-Rays (as Alex was being X-Rayed in the outside world). This tragic confluence of events instigated a painful metamorphosis that transformed him into Carcin—a cancerous “Omni Cell” who could prove to be deadlier than Viron and Raze combined. He possesses the knowledge and abilities of all cell types in the Cosmos, and the deadly will of a virus.

Chemical Message

An efficient form of communication utilized by BioWarriors of the Immune System to relay crucial information to each other by way of chemical exchange. Whereas the Council of the Mind uses messenger nerve cells to disseminate information throughout the BioCosmos, B-Cells such as Blastor send messages by Chemical when they need to convey highly technical information to other BioWarriors located far away.


Leader of the NKC’s (Natural Killer Cells) whose job it is to eradicate virally infected tissue and cells—including BioWarriors, if necessary. Specialized scanners allow him to locate pathogens even when they’re hidden, and his powerful cytotoxic blasts can destroy even the strongest microbes and BioWarriors alike.


Biological duplicates created by B-Cells, each of which has all the same physical attributes as an ordinary B-Cell. When a battle is complete, clones disintegrate, their remains recycled by the BioCosmic Universe.


The ancient ritual that has allowed bacteria to evolve instantly. Conjugation is the process by which a stronger species of bacteria transfers its stronger genes to a weaker strain through Pili tentacles. When complete, the recipient bacteria undergoes a metamorphosis, and becomes as powerful and deadly as the stronger bacteria.


A disease that is spread from host to host by close contact in an unending cycle of death and decay—until it is stopped by an Immune System. The Z-Kron Microbe birthed in the labs of The Combine is perhaps the deadliest contagion in the history of mankind.


A term that refers to the ability of a pathogen or disease to spread from one life form to another by way of physical or airborne contact.

Council of the Mind

The octuplet of enigmatic, wizard-like supreme neuron cells who receive and disseminate a constant stream of messages from the host’s subconscious mind throughout the BioCosmic Universe. They alone among all cells can comprehend The Will of the Cosmos, but even they do not fully grasp the true nature of their host.


The organic armor that envelops B-Cell warriors when they enter battle mode. The cyto-skeletal armor shields the B-Cells from the razor-sharp talons and barbed appendages of pathogenic bacteria.


A term that refers to Charles Darwin, the 19th Century British researcher who first postulated the theory of evolution. In Darwin’s view, life forms had to constantly adapt and battle for the right to survive, a process he called “The Survival of the Fittest.”


Molecules that contain the unique genetic code specific to a life form. Every aspect of a microscopic life form’s power and physical abilities is determined by its DNA.